Portrait Greg Mark, 65th Corridor Staff  Greg Mark, Director


"Community Service is and should be a vital part of a university and its relationship to the community. Service-Learning is an important community service tool for students to learn from their service and therefore in return the community benefits from better trained and committed student service providers. In short, everyone benefits from community service; the students, the university, and the community."

  Portrait Julie Lopez Figueroa, 65th Corridor StaffJulie Lopez Figueroa, Assistant Director


"For me, service learning critically bridges enables the process of turning information into knowledge. Beyond an intellectual experience, service learning orients us all towards the transformation goals promised by education. Uniting in partnership with community members, service learning incites processes of democractic prosperity and educational equity." 


Portrait Greg Kim-Ju, 65th Corridor StaffGreg Kim-Ju, Assistant Director


  "Service-learning models to address a range of community and social issues can provide benefits not only for those people directly affected by these issues but also for those trying to tackle them.

Portrait Wayne Maeda, 65th Corridor Staff  Wayne MaedaCommunity Advocate


"Community Service Learning is a continuation of a 40 year tradition of Ethnic Studies. This tradition of giving back to the community has been one of the core values of Ethnic Studies when we established it in 1969, at CSUS. Working in communities allows students to not only practice all the knowledge that one learns in an academic institution but also creates a learning opportunity for the student from communities that they serve." 


Yassra Murtaza: 65th Street Coordinator

  • Expected Graduation: May 2017
  • B.A: Ethnic Studies; Minors: Human Resources and Organizational Behavior & Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies 
  • CAMP, EOP, Full Circle, and Guardian Scholars Student


"I love 65th because it provides the opportunity to students at the middle and high schools to learn about higher education and the opportunities that are available to them. I also love the program because it allows me to work with students who may be struggling in school and help them achieve their academic goals. I also have the chance to share with the students my own journey to college and that it is possible to get a degree. This program also allows us, students, the opportunity to work with our community and make a difference."

Brizia Morales: 65th Street President

  • Expeected Graduation: May 2017
  • B.A: Ethnic Studies, Concentration in Chicanx Latinx Studies: Minor, Criminal Justice
  • Sigma Theta Psi Historian & Philanthropy Chair

"I love 65th Corridor because it is an ongoing program where college students can involve them selves in the lives of others. Assistance in tutoring, we can advance students' understanding in their classes, allowing them to succeed academically with proper mentorship. We show them that we are just like them and even come from similar backgrounds, but still made it to college. This shows them that it is possible to achieve higher learning."

Bianca Goodson: Staff

  • Expected Graduation: May 2017
  • B.A: Government & Ethnic Studies; Minor: Communications
  • Alpha Chi Omega & Delta Epsilon Iota Honor Society member

"I love 65th Corridor because each semester that I am involved, I am reminded why I love working with youth. Working with children coming from similar backgrounds as my own helps me relate to them and aid them in seeing possibilities that they once thought were too far out of reach. The diverse populations at the school are one of my favorite aspects as it shows that language barries can be conquered through consistency and passion for the child."