Every person participating in the Service Learning Program is required to take a TB Test. If you have taken a TB test in the past 4 years you do not have to retake the TB test IF you can provide us proof (copy of TB test results).

WHAT is it: Tuberculosis Skin Test. It’s a simple skin test on the arm.

WHERE to get it: It’s FREE at the Student Health Center at CSUS. Schedule an appointment online: www.csus.edu/hlth/appointments.html

WHEN to get it: You must go to the health center twice. The first time is for the initial testing. You must return 48-72 hours later, for the reading of the results.

DIRECTIONS: How to set up an appointment.

Visit www.csus.edu/hlth/appointments.html
Logon to Patient Web Portal
Click on Appointments, Schedule an appointment
Select TB Skin Test
Select an appropriate appointment time
Complete a clinical questionnaire if required (Select NO for Two Part TB Test, unless you have had a positive reaction to the Test in the past).

BY PHONE: Call 916-278-6461 to schedule a TB Test appointment.

Bring your Student ID to the Health Center with you!

Students access the on-line orientation through this process:

Go to the Sac State homepage www.csus.edu.
Scroll down to Current Students categories.
There you will find "On-line courses (Sac CT)".
Click on "Online Course (Sac CT)". That will take you to SAC CT homepage.
Click the "Login" button. Then enter your SacLink Username and Password.
This will take you to the designated On-line Student Orientation.
Under Section Instructor you should see: Community Engagement Center.

If you do not complete the on-line orientation you will be unable to participate in the Service Learning Program because you will not be covered by risk management policies.