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Office Hours & Contact Information



Department Office

Department Office: Calaveras 103
Office Hours: M-F 8AM-12PM, 1PM-5PM
Faculty Mail Room: Calaveras 105
Mail Room Hours: M-F 8AM-5PM
After-Hours Drop Box: Calaveras 105
Phone: 916-278-6586
Fax: 916-278-5410
Mailing Address: 6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6075


Department Staff

Please use the table below to help you direct your questions to the correct staff member. If you're not sure who to contact with your question, contact the department office for assistance.

Name Email Office Phone Contact for Questions About
LILLEY, Marianna CLV 103 2875 general information about English classes, GE requirements, the major or minor, grad programs; information about the WPJ, the WPG, or the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)
EICHENBERGER, Aaron CLV 104 5745 faculty concerns or department operations
ARNOLD, Angela CLV 101 5746 writing programs operations
KIRBY, Shaun CLV 102 5747 faculty recruitment or student employment


Faculty and Teaching Associates (TAs)

The office hours and contact information listed below are current as of Fall 2015. CLV refers to Calaveras hall, DH refers to Douglass Hall, and LSN refers to Lassen Hall. All phone numbers should be prefaced with "916-278-".

Please note: If you are looking for major advising, each of our tenured and tenure-track faculty members (indicated below with asterisks [*] before their names) serve as English faculty advisors and can be contacted for information about English major or minor requirements. Additionally, some faculty serve as coordinators for one or more department programs. These coordinators can be contacted for information about their programs.


Name Email Office Phone Office Hours Coordinators
  Title Degree, University - Areas of Interest
ABEID, Trang CLV 164 6247 not teaching Fall 2015  
  Lecturer MA, CSU, Sacramento - composition & rhetoric; certificate in TESOL; certificate in teaching reading to adults
ALDINGER, Rebecca DH 203 6347 not teaching Fall 2015  
ANDERSON, Amy DH 107A 3836 TR 1:30-3PM  
ANTONENKO, Irina CLV 138 3487 TR 10:30-11:30AM, 3-4PM  
ARBALLO, Peggy CLV 166 5818 TR 10-11:30AM, 1:30-2:30PM by appointment  
BARRISH, Matthew SLN 5006 6587 MW 1-2:30PM  
  Lecturer MA, CSU Sacramento - English composition
BETHEL, Daniel CLV 149 5743 MW 9:30-10:30AM  
BLANTON-STROUD, Shelley CLV 149 5743 TR 11-11:45AM, 4:15-5PM  
  Lecturer MA, San Francisco State University - the effect of oral grading of writing on student engagement; writing for the professions; plain language; and writing the novel.
*BUCHANAN, Brad CLV 117 6492 not teaching Fall 2015  
  Professor Ph.D., Stanford - British and Postcolonial literature
CHING, Robby CLV 163 6404 by appointment  
  Professor M.A., UC Berkeley - TESOL, internships
*CLARK, John DH 202 6560 TR 4:30-5:45PM  
  Assoc. Professor Ph.D., Georgetown - linguistics, TESOL
*CLARK-OATES, Angela CLV 156 5623 MW 10-11AM, 4:30-5:30PM  
  Asst. Professor Ph.D., Arizona State University - Curriculum and Instruction
CONNELLY, Anya CLV 142 6349 TR 4-5PM  
  Teaching Associate  
COOK, Stephen CLV 127 5726 TR 10:15-11:45AM  
*COPE, Jonas CLV 157 5720 TR 1:30-2:45PM  
  Asst. Professor Ph.D., University of Missouri - British Romanticism
CORDOVA, Teresa CLV 115 6355 M 10-10:59AM, 4:15-4:45PM; W 11-11:45AM  
CUCKOVICH, Jessica SLN 5004 4835 T 11:20-11:50AM, 4:20-5:20PM  
DALLY, Benjamin DH 203 6347 MW 12-1:15PM, F 12-12:30PM  
DELEHANT, Carolyn CLV 115 6355 T 9:30-10:15AM, 1:30-2:30PM; R (online) 11-12:30PM  
  Lecturer MA, CSU, Sacramento - composition studies
DOBSON, Mona CLV 132 4183 MWF 9:30-9:50AM; F 12-1PM  
DUROSKO, Susan CLV 161 5736 TR 10:30-11:30AM; F 7:15-7:45AM  
*FANETTI, Susan CLV 153 5734 MW 11:30-12PM, 5:45-6:30PM Pre-Credential Advisor
  Assoc. Professor Ph.D., St. Louis University - English education
FARRAND, Brittney CLV 142 6349 F 9-9:50AM  
  Teaching Associate  
FERRANDO, Jamie     not teaching Fall 2015  
FRAGA, Catherine CLV 149 5743 MWF 10-10:50AM  
*GIEGER, Jason DH 204 7284 M 1:20-2:20PM, 5:15-5:45PM; T 5:15-6:15PM; W 4:30-5PM  
  Professor Ph.D., Rutgers - British literature
GREEN, Carolani CLV 142 6349 T 1:30-2:30PM  
  Teaching Associate  
GUERIN, Jeanne CLV 132 4183 MW 2-2:45PM  
HAKE, Patricia CLV 154 5780 MW 9-9:30AM  
HARPER, Lisa CLV 142 6349 TR 3-4PM  
  Teaching Associate  
HAYES, Chris CLV 142 6349 M 10-10:45AM  
  Teaching Associate  
*HAYES, Hogan CLV 107 5729 M 1-3PM; W 2-4PM  
  Asst. Professor Ph.D., UC Davis - Education; Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Studies
*HEATHER, Julian CLV 138 5394 MW 11:15AM-12:15PM; TR 1-2PM TESOL Coordinator
  Professor Ph.D., University of Arizona - TESOL, applied linguistics
*HECKATHORN, Amy CLV 145A 5269 MW 1:45-2:45PM  
  Professor Ph.D., Texas Christian University - composition
IVERSON, Janet DH 203 6347 TR 10:30-11:30AM  
JORDAN, Tina DH 107A 3828    
  Lecturer Ed.D., UC Davis - culturally responsive pedagogy in composition
JUAREZ, Larissa     not teaching Fall 2015  
KAHL, Tim SLN 5004 4835    
*KOMIYAMA, Reiko CLV 162 5727 TR 12-1PM; W 1:30-2:30PM  
  Assoc. Professor Ph.D., Northern Arizona University - applied linguistics, ESL/EFL
KYLES, Justin CLV 142 6349 W 11AM-12PM  
  Teaching Associate  
LaPORTE, Carrie ALP 157 3345 R 8-8:45AM, 12-12:45PM  
  Lecturer MA - TESOL
*LEE, Hellen CLV 113 6371 M 1:30-2:15PM; T 3-3:45PM Vice Chair
  Assoc. Professor Ph.D., UC San Diego - late 19th/early 20th c. US literature, multi-ethnic US literature, cultural studies
LEHMAN, Eric CLV 142 6349 M 1:30-2:30PM  
  Teaching Associate  
LEVY, Karen CLV 154 5780 MWF 12-12:45PM  
LIMON, Jesus CLV 132 4183 MWF 12-1:30PM  
LIMON, Kimberly SLN 5004 4835 M 2-2:45PM  
LINVILLE, Cynthia CLV 132 4183 TR 10:30-11:45AM; W by appointment  
  Lecturer MA, CSU Sacramento - TESOL, intercultural communication and poetry
LIU, Hsiang (Sean) LSN 2200E 6247    
  Lecturer MA, CSU Sacramento - TESOL, second language (L2) writing: responding to student writing; written corrective feedback
LOW, Stephanie CLV 142 6349 MW 10-11AM  
  Teaching Associate  
MABUNGA, Bridget     not teaching Fall 2015  
MACDONALD, Janelle CLV 144   MWF 10-10:50AM  
MALMBERG, Julie CLV 142 6349 MW 6-6:30p  
  Teaching Associate  
*McKINNEY, Joshua DH 201 6386 MW 8-8:50AM; F 12-1PM Creative Writing Coordinator
  Professor Ph.D., University of Denver - creative writing, literature
McNEAL, Nicole CLV 142 6349 F 11AM-12PM  
  Teaching Associate  
MELTON, Jason CLV 142 6349 W 11:30AM-12:30PM  
  Teaching Associate  
MICHAELS, Ann ALP 157 3345 TR 1:30-2:30PM Writing Center Coordinator
MINIACI, Miles CLV 144   TR 12-1:30PM  
  Lecturer M.F.A., University of Southern California - composition
MITCHELL, Rebecca CLV 165 6436 M 11-11:45AM; W 2:45-3:30PM; TR 1:15-2:15PM  
MORALES, Sylvia DH 101 5730 TR 10:30-11:15AM
  Lecturer MA, CSU Sacramento - Composition
NEUFFER, Lori DH 112 5989 T 10:30-11:30AM; W 1-3PM  
NEWTON, Danielle CLV 161 5736 MW 1:45-2:45PM; TR 3:30-4:15PM  
OCHOA, Ruth CLV 151 6925 MW 12:15-1:15PM; TR 8-8:45AM  
  Lecturer MA, CSU Sacramento - English, children's literature, composition
O'DONNELL, Barbara CLV 127 5726 MWF 7:30-8AM  
OVERBY, Blair CLV 127 5726 MW 1:30-2:30PM; F 12-1PM  
  Lecturer MA, CSU Sacramento - TESOL
PACE, Gloria DH 203 6347 TR 2-2:50PM  
PAGE, Monica CLV 166 5818 T 9-9:30PM; R 11:50AM-12:50PM; MW by appointment  
PEARSALL, Nancy (Beth)     not teaching Fall 2015  
PICA, Denise CLV 132 4183 TR 4:15-4:45PM  
PICKREL, Carolyn CLV 151 6925 MW 10-11AM; TR 10:30-11:30AM  
  Lecturer MA, CSU Sacramento - English Composition, developing writers, mentoring writing teachers, Native American literature, women's literature
PRICE, Jonathan DH 219 6358 R 11:50AM-12:35PM  
PROCTOR, Mandy DH 101A 6920 TR 8-8:30AM, 12-1PM  
  Lecturer MA, CSU Sacramento - English composition
RADICAN, Lynda DH 112A 6392 TR 10:30-11:30AM  
RASMUSSEN, Courtney CLV 127 5726 TR 3-4:15PM; W 10:30AM-1PM  
RAZO, Stephanie CLV 142 6349 TR 2:30-3:30PM  
  Teaching Associate  
*RICE, Doug DH 218 5435 T 4-6PM  
  Professor M.A., Duquesne University - creative writing
*RIDLEY, Chauncey DH 216 6128 teaches Spring only  
  Professor Ph.D., Michigan State University - American and ethnic literature
SAAKE, Miranda SLN 5006 6587 TR 4-4:30PM  
SAMADI, Parisa CLV 142 6349 M 10-10:45AM; WF 10-11AM  
  Teaching Associate  
SCHARF, Annie CLV 149 5743 MW 11AM-11:50AM; T 10:30-11:30AM  
  Lecturer MA, CSU Sacramento - TESOL
SCHILLING, Jason CLV 164 6247 M 4:15-4:45PM; TR 10:15-10:45AM, 7:15-7:45PM  
SCROGGINS, Niccole CLV 144   MW 1:15-2PM; T 8:15-9AM  
*SEO, Mi-Suk CLV 158 5735 TR 12-1:15PM  
  Assoc. Professor Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign - TESOL
SHADDEN, Ann CLV 132 4183 MW 10-11AM  
SMITH-ROWSEY, Daniel MND 5038 6335 W 4:45-6:15PM  
STAGNARO, Mel CLV 165 6436 MWF 9-9:50AM; MW 2:30-3PM  
  Lecturer MA, CSU Sacramento - English, teaching composition
STANLEY, Robert ALP 157 3345 T 11:45AM-12:30PM, 3:45-4:30PM; W 2:15-3:00PM (in Writing Center); F 11-11:45AM  
  Lecturer MA, CSU Sacramento - creative writing, poetry
*SWEET, Nancy DH 217 7704 MW 1:30-2:30PM; W 5:50-6:15PM  
  Assoc. Professor Ph.D., Columbia - 19th c. American literature, American women's writing, American Gothic
*TOISE, David CLV 106 6586 TWR 1:30-2:30PM; T 6-6:30PM Department Chair, Graduate Coordinator
  Professor Ph.D., Rutgers - British literature
TRAN, Vu DH 219 3473 MW 11-11:50AM; T 3:30-4:20  
WALSH, Theresa     not teaching Fall 2015  
*WANLASS, Susan CLV 155 5732 T 12:45-1:15PM, 3:40-4:10PM; R 12:45-1:15PM, 3:40-4:10PM  
  Professor Ph.D., North Carolina, Chapel Hill - American literature, composition
WARD, Roberta CLV 142 6349 F 10:30-11:30AM  
  Teaching Associate  
WOOLSTON, Rebecca DH 219 3473 MW 2:30-4PM  
YAZELL, Bryan CLV 144   M 3-4PM; W 4-5PM  
*YEN, Julie CLV 160 6176 MW 3:30-4:15PM Vice Chair, Internships Coordinator
  Professor Ph.D., Brown - British literature, critical theory, Asian American literature, composition
*ZARINS, Kim CLV 159 6431 not teaching Fall 2015 Sigma Tau Delta Advisor,
  Assoc. Professor Ph.D., Cornell University - Medieval and children's literature