Social Work Alumni Job Announcements

The Divison of Social Work is pleased to provide information on job announcements to our recent graduates as a courtesy. As this webpage is a courtesy, the Divsion of Social Work is not responsible for accuracy of the information on the job announcement or any guarantee of securing employment. If you have questions regarding job announcements please follow the instructions on the job announcement, do not contact the Social Work office. Job announcements will be deleted after 30 days.

Date Posted Position Location Click on Link to View
May 17 Post Master's Fellowship Eureka PDF
Mar 6 Case Manager San Mateo Bay Area PDF
Mar 6 Case Manager Russian Bay Area PDF
Mar 6 Case Manager Cantonese Bay Area PDF
Mar 6 Case Manager Spanish Bay Area PDF
Mar 13 Career Coach at Pathwasy Sacramento PDF
Mar 23 Social Worker Bay Area PDF
Apr 1 Clinical Supervisor, MSSP Sacramento  WORD
Apr 1 Clinical Supervisor San Mateo  WORD
Apr 1 MSSP Social Worker, Russian Sacramento  WORD
Apr 1 Jobs in Kidney Dialysis Multiple  WORD
Apr 1 Care Manager, Spanish Sacramento  WORD
Apr 1 Care Manager San Mateo  WORD
Apr 1 Social Worker CLF Sacramento  WORD
Apr 1 Linkages, Cantonese Sacramento  WORD
Apr 1 Social Worker San Francisco PDF
Apr 13 Social Worker San Francisco PDF
Apr 23 Clinical Social Worker Sacramento PDF