Effective July 1, 2014, The Mental Health Stipend Program is undergoing major changes - all information is subject to change - Look for updates after July 1, 2014

Application Process for 2015-16 TBD

The Application process for the Mental Health Stipend Program (MHSP) is divided into two components: An Orientation to the MHSP and submission of a completed Application Packet. These components follow timelines for the second year MSW field placement process, and the Admission’s Office timelines for new students to the MSW program. Students or prospective students eligible for the MHSP include: MSWI full time students, full time students admitted to the Advanced Standing program, and transfer students going into their advanced year.

Orientation to the Mental Health Stipend Program and Application Packet - TBD

Mandatory orientation sessions regarding the MHSP will be held:

November 6, 2013, Mariposa Hall 4022,  6:00pm - 7:30pm TBD

November 20, 2013, Mariposa Hall 4022, 6:00pm - 7:30pm TBD

November 26, 2013, Mariposa Hall 4022, 6:00pm - 7:30pm TBD

Individuals interested in the MHSP should attend one of these sessions. The orientation is facilitated by the Coordinator of the MHSP, and includes MHSP program expectations, the formal Application Packet, information related to the Mental Health Services Act, the Recovery Model modality, and Systems of Care in California. This session is designed to provide prospective cohort members with information on the MHSP, as well as providing a philosophical orientation to the spirit of the Mental Health Services Act.  The comprehensive nature of orientation assists individuals to better determine their goodness of fit with and potential commit to employment in public mental health. TBD

The Application Packet (TBD)

The complete Application Packet for MHSP includes six components. Forms and their accompanying explanation will be handed out at the MHSP Orientation sessions. A completed packet would include:

  • The Application Cover Sheet
  • A Letter of Intention
  • A Foundation Year Mental Health Competency Practice Evaluation Form (From Practice Instructor, signed & in a sealed envelope)
  • A Foundation Year Mental Health Competency Field Evaluation Form (From Field Instructor, signed & in a sealed envelope)
  • An Application Form

Other documents which will be reviewed as part of the application process are the completed first and final semester MSW I field evaluations, and course grades at the end of the Foundation year of the MSW program. Applicants do not need to submit copies of these documents, as they will be on file in the Division after each semester.

 Submission of Completed Application Packet:

All individuals interested in the MHSP program should submit a completed Application Packet to the Division of Social Work by 4pm, Friday, January 10, 2014.

Interviews for the MHSP:
Interviews for MHSP 2014-2015 TBD  prospective cohort members will take place from January 20, 2014 to February 24, 2014 TBD . Applicants will be contacted by the program secretary with information on scheduling an interview.

Admission Decision:

All applicants will be sent information related to their admission status:

Conditional Acceptance by February 28, 2014. TBD

Final Acceptance by May 20, 2014.TBD