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College of

Health and Human Services


Our mission briefly is two-fold: To provide an outstanding educational experience with connected liberal arts and professional components for every student majoring in Health & Human Services and to produce graduates who are well prepared for current and future leadership roles in their discipline and community.

The Mission of the College of Health & Human Services is to provide high quality education and well-prepared graduates who demonstrate proficiency, critical thought, leadership ability, creativity, and commitment, in current and future professional practice. Located in the Capital Region, the College prepares students for roles in society as productive citizens, fully committed to enriching the lives of others, promoting mutual respect for diverse populations, and lifelong learning.

To fulfill its mission, the College of Health & Human Services has established the following goals:

  • To promote the University's Mission "to preserve, communicate and advance knowledge; cultivate wisdom..."
  • To encourage and support research and scholarship.
  • To promote interdisciplinary collaboration and cooperation.
  • To influence social and health care policies.
  • To promote and support academic and community leadership.
  • To encourage free thinkers engaged in creative problem solving.
  • To expose students to theoretical knowledge and laboratory, clinical and/or field experiences, and community services.

Meet the DeanFred D. Baldini, Ph.D.

Fred D. Baldini, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Health & Human Services
California State University, Sacramento

Fred D. Baldini is entering his 27th year as a member of the faculty at Sacramento State. He was appointed Dean of the College of Health and Human Services on July 15th, 2010. Prior to that appointment, he served as the Interim Associate Dean, and he served nine plus years as the Chair of the Department of Kinesiology and Health Science. In 1994, he was selected for the Outstanding Teaching Award for the college, in 2003 he was selected for the Outstanding Service Award for the college, and in 2006 he completed the Management Development Program at Harvard University. Currently Dr. Baldini serves on the Sacramento Regional Family Justice Center Foundation Board of Directors, the Sacramento State Alumni Associate Board of Directors, and he is the chair of the University Budget Advisory Committee. Dr. Baldini received his Ph.D. in Exercise Science from Arizona State University in 1990, and he is an alumnus receiving both his masters and bachelors degrees from Sacramento State.

HHS Strategic Plan 2015-2020

Strategic Goals

  • Strengthen student achievement
  • Support success in teaching effectiveness, research, and service
  • Promote staff successs
  • Develop, strengthen, and sustain academic programs
  • Cultivate, promote, and sustain community programs and partnerships

View the full HHS Strategic Plan here.

Associated Students, Inc.

Abraham Mendoza III
ASI-HHS Director