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Phone: 916.278.5094

Office: ALP-203

Ricky Gutierrez


A.A.:  Spokane Falls Community College
B.A.:  Eastern Washington University - Psychology
M.A.:  Washington State University - Criminal Justice
Ph.D.:  Washington State University, Pullman - Political Science: Applied Justice & Policy Studies


Police organizations, juvenile justice, community-based corrections, program evaluation, criminal justice planning & policy, and racial profiling.

Recent Publications:

Gutierrez, R. S., Helms, R., and Reeves-Gutierrez, D.  (2012).  Service Learning and Criminal Justice Students: An Assessment of the Effects of Co-Curricular Pedagogy on Graduation Rates.  Journal of Criminal Justice Education, Vol. 23(3), pp. 356-380.

Helms, R., Gutierrez, R. S., and Reeves-Gutierrez, D.  (2014).  Public Sector Responses to Jail Mental Health: A Review with Recommendations for Future Research. Sociology Mind, Vol. 4(1), pp. 31-35.

Helms, R., Gutierrez, R. S., and Reeves-Gutierrez, D. (Forthcoming 2015).  Jail Mental Health Resourcing: A Conceptual and Empirical Study of Social Determinants.  International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology.