Step 1:  Travel Request

All University travel requires a travel request form, whether it is funded or not. 
When the request form is completed, please attach the conference information.  If funding is available at a later time, that information can be added to the original request.

It is extremely important that all Travel Requests be made in advance of travel; late Travel Requests, or ones submitted after the travel has occurred, will not be approved by the University administration.

Domestic: Please use the “Unfunded Travel Request”, available in the CRJ office, for domestic travel. 

International: You will also need to obtain Travel Insurance through the Risk Management office on campus; the College will cover the cost of this insurance. International Travel Requests and Travel insurance must be submitted at least 45 days in advance of the travel.  Failure to do so may result in denial of the Travel Request.

Step 2:  Travel Expense Justification

All funded travel requires a Travel Expense Justification.  Both the international and domestic Justification forms are available in the CRJ office.  Please submit a copy of your award letter with the Justification form, and the Travel Request and conference information, to the CRJ office.

If you prefer, the Domestic and International Travel Justification forms can be filled out online and printed. Please fill out only your name and contact information;the dates and destination of your travel; and copy and paste the following text describing why the travel is critical to the Mission of the University:

It is critical to the mission of the University that I remain current in my field and that I am active as a scholar; this will have a direct impact on my teaching and it also reflects well on the University as a whole.   Therefore, I am requesting approval to travel to the above listed professional conference.

Note for International Travel: The International Travel Justification Form has a checkbox for self-funded travel.  Therefore, fill out the Justification form even if you haven't been awarded funds for your international travel.

 Step 3: Submit for Processing

Please turn in your Travel Requests and Justification forms, with all appropriate documentation, to the CRJ office for processing.  Incomplete requests will be returned.

Step 4: Travel Claim

Submit your travel receipts as soon as possible after you return from your travel.  These typically include airfare, carfare and parking, hotel, conference registration fees, and business expenses such as duplication and internet usage.  Please make sure that you are turning in receipts and not confirmations; Accounts Payable will not accept confirmations.