Contact Information

If you are a freshman, or a new transfer student, or you have questions about the Criminal Justice Program, contact the Criminal Justice Student Advising Center:  (916) 278-6485.

Or, you can e-mail Debra Mullin, the Service Center Coordinator, at .  New or new transfer students should contact her to have an advisor assigned early in their academic careers.

If you are a graduate student (or want to be one) contact Dr. Farmer at (916) 278-5062, or by e-mail at


Mailing Address

California State University, Sacramento
Division of Criminal Justice
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA  95819-6085

Criminal Justice Student Service Center: (916) 278-6485

Criminal Justice Office:  (916)278-6487

Dr. Mary Maguire, Chair:  (916) 278-6487


Questions about the Undergraduate Program or undergraduate advising should be directed to Debra Mullin at .

Questions regarding the Masters Program should be directed to the Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Farmer at (916) 278-5062, or by e-mail at

Please do not e-mail the webmaster to ask for materials about the Criminal Justice program to be mailed to you.  All of the informational materials available are accessible online.  If your advising questions are not answered by these materials, please contact one of the above persons for further clarification.