Graduate Program: Master's of Criminal Justice

Current Students


Fall 2014

Important Dates to Remember

For 2nd and 3rd year graduate students only


September 2

First day of instruction

September 10

Deadline to enroll in Continuous Enrollment (CrJ 599)

October 1

Deadline to complete Advancement to Candidacy  form for Spring 2015 registration

Deadline to apply for Fall 2014 graduation – Graduation Application

Refer to link

Thesis/Project/Dissertation – General Information/Formatting workshops/Submission &  Deadlines/Templates & Guides

November 6

Submit thesis/project to Graduate Program Coordinator for Format and Final Content Review (Fall 2014 graduation)

December 5

Last day to submit approved thesis/project to the Office of Graduate Studies for Fall 2014 graduation @ 3 p.m.  NO EXTENSIONS.

December 12

Last day of instruction

December 15-19

Final examinations

December 20

Commencement Ceremony

 Human Subjects Application Submission Deadlines – by 5:00 p.m. (University Committee)

 All Human Subjects applications should be submitted to the Graduate Program Coordinator for review by the Human Subjects Committee within the Division of Criminal Justice prior to submitting the applications to the University’s Human Subjects Committee.

 All other Forms and Manuals are available on the Office of Graduate Studies website.

 Students receiving financial aid should familiarize themselves with the Financial Aid award guidelines.

The Graduate Handbook for the Master of Science in Criminal Justice

The Graduate Handbook is a vital resource for both graduate students and faculty teaching graduate level courses. It is the primary document for answering the majority of the questions that will arise during a student’s participation in the graduate program. Occasionally, questions arise that may not be addressed by the Manual. In those cases, students or faculty shall direct their questions to the Graduate Coordinator for resolution.

The Graduate Handbook- revised 11/8/2013