Impaction and Applying to the Health Science Major

The Chancellor's Office of the California State University has granted the Department of Kinesiology and Health Science impaction status for its undergraduate Health Science program effective Fall 2012. Students applying to the major are required to submit a supplemental application. New applicants, including transfer students, must be admitted to the University prior to applying to the major.

To be considered for admission to the Health Science program, all applicants must meet the following requirements:
(1) a 2.0 minimum in overall GPA, and
(2) the completion of 45 units, and
(3) a course grade of "C" or above in all required pre-requisite courses: BIO 25, BIO 26, CHEM 6A, and STAT 1 or the equivalents.

All pre-requisite health science major requirements must be completed prior to admission into the BS program. Eligible applicants will be admitted for available spaces within a specified concentration based on overall GPA rank ordering of such applicants.  Priority may be given to applicants who have completed all pre-requisites.  Check department website for requirements and it is highly recommended that interested students speak with a Health Science advisor as soon as possible.

New applicants, including transfer students, must have been admitted to the university prior to applying to the major.

Students who submit a completed supplemental application will be ranked by their overall GPA.  The department will follow the rank order, beginning from the top and continue until the estimated number of seats is filled by concentration.

HLSC Supplemental Application
To be considered for the Health Science program, students must complete and submit a supplemental application.

The FAQs handout covers questions and answers relating to the Health Science Impaction process.  Should you have any further questions, please contact our department office.

Fall 2014 Important Dates
February 17-March 7    Supplemental application filing period
March 10-Early April     Application review
Mid April                     Check email for admissions decision

Group Advising Sessions

Date                              Location                    Time
February 13, 2014          Solano Hall 3008         1:30pm
February 21, 2014          Lassen Hall 1013         11:30am
February 24, 2014          Lassen Hall 1013         2:30pm

To learn more about Sac State's Health Science program and the Fall 2014 application process, please sign up for a group advising session.  Sign up sheets are available in Solano Hall 3002 or send an email request with the preferred date and time to

Appeal Process
Students who wish to appeal their admissions decision, please review the appeal procedures.

Department Office Hours
7:30am-4:00pm (Open during the lunch hour)
(916) 278-6441

Department Advisor
Alma Martinez