Fall 2016 Admission - News & Updates

Dear BSN Applicants,

RE:  Fall 2016 Admission - IMPORTANT Deadlines

Thank you for your patience!  We know you are anxiously waiting for your admission decision, and we are working extended hours to bring you news as quickly as possible.  In the meantime, we hope the following information will be helpful—please read to the very end!  For additional updates on the admission process, please check back on the Traditional BSN homepage, http://www.csus.edu/HHS/nrs/programs/undergraduate/traditional/.  Due to human resource limitations, please do not call or email the School of Nursing.  Thank you!

1. We received over 440 applications for 80 seats.  Based on unverified student-reported data, the applicant ranked number 80 has 81 points—the applicant ranked 160 has 73 points.  We anticipate the final cut-score will be lower when we have completed the evaluation and Intent-to-Enroll process, but we regret it may be higher than previous fall terms, http://www.csus.edu/HHS/nrs/programs/undergraduate/traditional/Docs/app_pool_stat_1-29-16.pdf.

2. Admission decisions will be emailed as follows:

          . Candidates ranked 1-160 will be notified in late April just before registration opens on May 2.

          . Candidates ranked 161 or higher, based on student-reported data, will be notified Friday, April 15 after 5 p.m.

If you could hold any questions until after you receive your admission decision, that would be helpful!  I regret, due to the additional workload associated with the admissions process, we are not able to answer email and phone requests at this time.  Of course, if you have an URGENT request, we are happy to help!

3. If you have not received your admission decision by your registration date, please register for the courses you would take if you were not selected for admission to the nursing program.  Do not miss your opportunity to register for courses!  If you are selected for admission, placement in your nursing courses is guaranteed!  It is your responsibility to enroll in any remaining corequisite courses.  The staff will enroll you in your nursing courses early in June (the exact date will be provided on the orientation website).  Completing any remaining corequisite courses over summer will lighten your load next fall!  Summer registration is open now at Sac State and our local Los Rios Community Colleges.

4. FrequentlyAsked Questions - Please read carefully—twice would be good!

5. Newly Admitted Transfer Students – Please see IMPORTANT deadlines below.

IMPORTANT Deadlines for “Newly Admitted” Fall 2016 Transfer Students

. . .     University, Intent to Enroll Deadline – May 1 - Be sure you return your University, Intent to Enroll (ITE) by the May 1 deadline,  www.csus.edu/admissions/iteThis is a critical deadline!  Failure to return your ITE by May 1 will result in your application being withdrawn from consideration from the University and the School of Nursing (no fee required, this is not a promise to enroll).  When you receive your admission decision, if you are an Alternate, please submit a “yes” Intent pending news from the School of Nursing (no fee required, this is not a promise to enroll).  The last Alternate selected Fall 2015 was number 26, Fall 2014 - 44, Fall 2013 - 41.  Second Bachelors – Since you have not applied to the University yet, this does not apply to you!

. . .     University, Mandatory Orientation Registration Deadline – May 18

  • Admitted - If you are selected for admission to the BSN program, you will attend Orientation on Friday, June 17.  After you receive your admission decision, you may register for Orientation by emailing Cindy Brandon, University Orientation Office Manager, at cbrandon@csus.edu.   Please include your name and Sac State ID.
  • Pending Admissions – If you plan to enroll in courses at Sac State, even if you are not selected for admission to the nursing program, you need to register for mandatory University Orientation between April 1 and the May 18 deadline, http://www.csus.edu/orientation/Transfer%20Orientation/index.html.  If you plan to attend Sac State, only if you are selected for admission to the nursing program, you may wait and register for mandatory University Orientation after you receive your nursing admission decision.  The Orientation Office will accommodate students selected for admission to the nursing program after the registration deadline.  Special instructions will be provided with your nursing admission decision. 
  • Second Bachelors - Students pursuing a second bachelor’s degree are not required to attend Orientation.

Best wishes for your success! 



Teri Tallman
Student Services Professional II