Minor Program in RPTA

The Minor in RPTA is a 21 unit program that can easily be configured to support other undergraduate degrees at Sacramento State. Students from a wide range of disciplines including Education, Business Administration, Communications and Environmental Studies will often find RPTA courses advantageous to their overall career goals. Some examples of how the RPTA Minor can be used are:

  • Education majors interested in coordinating and programming for after school programs
  • Education majors interested in developing recreation-based activities for students with physical and mental disabilities
  • Business majors interested in hospitality (hotels and resorts) and tourism management
  • Political Science majors interested in local governments and park districts
  • Business majors interested in non-profit management
  • Environmental Science majors interested in outdoor land uses and outdoor resource management
  • Family and Consumer Sciences majors interested in healthy communities (which include city and county parks)

RPTA Faculty are well equipped to advise students from a wide-range of backgrounds. Faculty contain degrees in areas such as Forestry, Business Administration and Geography, and understand the important relationship between RPTA and other disciplines. Please contact Dr. Greg Shaw (the Minor Advisor for the department) if you are interested in the RPTA Minor.

Minor Requirements

The RPTA Minor consists of 3 units of foundation coursework (leisure theory), 9 units of RPTA core classes and 9 units of RPTA electives (for lists of electives, please click on the separate pages for the RPTA emphasis areas at right). Use the Minor Advising Form for information on which core courses are open to minors.

Hey Minors! RPTA has two majors associations, RMA and ASRC, and you can join both on Facebook!

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