General Education (GE) Courses

Recreation & Park

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Please note that a passing score on the WPJ is required before registering for RPTA 122.

You can take 122 in the summer! Please check the summer schedule for sections of 122.


The Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration offers several courses that fulfill General Education requirements in GE Areas E and D2. Current offerings include:

  • RPTA 21: Freshman Seminar
    (Area E)
  • RPTA 32: Leadership and Group Development
    (Area E)
  • RPTA 33: Race, Class, Gender and Leisure
    (Area D2)
  • RPTA 34: The Outdoor Recreation Experience
    (Area E)
  • RPTA 100: Recreation and Leisure Lifestyle Development
    (Area E and Upper Division)
  • RPTA 122: Perspectives on Leisure
    (Area E, Upper Division and Writing Intensive)

See the impact RPTA 122 is having on Sacramento State Veterans in a special section of the course taught by Dr. Beth Erickson. Dr. Erickson has partnered this class with a unique Vets Mentoring Program developed with the Veterans Success Center on campus. CBS Channel 13 did a feature on Dr. Erickson's successful, first-of-its-kind approach. Click here to see the video.