Speech Pathology and Audiology Undergraduate Major

The Bachelor’s degree provides a background in theoretical and applied areas necessary for graduate study in many areas including speech pathology, audiology, special education, counseling, human development, child development, and health administration. The program prepares students for fields requiring backgrounds in:

  • Human development
  • Communication
  • Health
  • Education

Career Paths for Undergraduate Majors in Speech Pathology & Audiology

  • Speech Pathology Assistant (SLPA)
  • School based Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Hospital based Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Private Practice Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Counseling and Rehabilitation
  • Health Insurance industry careers
  • Career Advising
  • Government health agencies
  • School/Hospital Administration
  • Disability Law
  • Audiologist

Undergraduate Program General Information

The undergraduate program in Speech-Language Pathology takes approximately two years to complete, beginning with the Junior year.

Most courses in language-speech pathology and audiology are dependent upon information and competencies acquired in preceding courses. It is necessary to take courses in the major in the sequence given; that is, the student must satisfactorily complete all first-semester Junior courses before enrolling in second-semester Junior courses, and so forth. Satisfactory completion means a grade of C (2.0) or better. A grade point average of 3.0 in the major is required to enroll in SPHP 146. The sequence for Junior and Senior students transferring from other universities is adjusted according to the student's previous program.

The Department does not require a minor. Instead, students must fulfill the pre- and co-major requirements.

For more information on academic requirements and program specifics, please review the Undergraduate Advising Manual on the Department Forms and Policies Page.

For an overview of the program, please view the group advising PowerPoint:Group Advising and Orientation fall 2014.pptx

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Pre- and Co-major Requirements

You must complete the lower division general education courses and the pre major requirements; before you begin courses in the major (one course in manual communication may be taken with the courses in the major).  

These may overlap with Lower Division General Education Courses (LDGE) and Upper Division General Education Courses

(UDGE). Equivalent course taken at a community college will be accepted for any of the courses listed below.

Pre- major Requirements (must be taken before Fall of Junior year)

  1. Introductory General Anatomy Class (Highly recommended, but not required)
  2. Introduction to Psychology
  3.  Human Development (Child-Adult, must cover birth through geriatric population).  (Sac State Course: CHDV 30 Human Development)
  4. Biological/Physical Sciences (two courses required): 
    1. One course from Sac State GE Area B1 AND
    2.  One Course from Sac State GE Area B2
  5. Statistics (one course). There are a number of courses offered which cover the introductory material in statistics.  These are offered at Sac State in mathematics, psychology, social work, etc.  

Co-major Requirements 

Sign Language (one course):  At least one course must be completed before registering for SPHP 133.Students may use sign language for the Sacramento State foreign language requirement.  Check GE requirements regarding how many units are needed if used as your foreign language requirement. 

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Mandatory Background Check

The Department of Speech Pathology & Audiology requires all students in clinical and internships practicum courses to complete a background check prior to beginning any clinical courses in the semester. Please see the instructions below and contact the
department if you have any questions.

The completed background check information will only be revealed to the Speech Pathology and Audiology department chair and the Dean of the College Health and Human services. All information will be kept confidential.

No other background screenings may be substituted.

Go to: www.CertifiedBackground.com and click on “Students” then enter package code: CM24. You will then be directed to set up your CertifiedProfile account.

Click here for the instructions: backgroundcheck instructions.pdf

*Please note that this information is for the sole purpose of background screening for this school only. Unauthorized use of our service is prohibited*

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