I have a Bachelor's degree in another field

When your Bachelor's Degree is in an area other than Speech Pathology and Audiology, you need to complete our undergraduate curriculum or its equivalent to be considered as an applicant for our classified graduate program.  

Students who wish to complete the equivalent of the undergraduate curriculum at Sacramento State will no longer have the option of applying to our department as a conditional graduate student. 

As an alternative, a Second Bachelor’s degree program is available  through the College of Continuing Education at Sacramento State.  For information on this program, visit: 


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Other Speech Pathology and Audiology Programs

You can complete coursework in the field from other University programs and have your courses evaluated for equivalency when you apply for classified admission to our graduate program. The American Speech Language Hearing (www.ASHA.org) website has links to online and residential programs and undergraduate coursework is fairly consistent across most ASHA accredited programs.A partial list of California programs and their weblinks can be found on our Resource/Links page.

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