Mental Health Competencies

This document builds upon the Mental Health Competencies originally developed in a collaborative effort of faculty from Schools of Social Work and professionals from County Mental Health Agencies throughout California in 1993. During 2003, a new collaborative partnership between Mental Health and Social Work Education was formed, and through this effort, the document has been revised to accurately reflect the state of public mental health practice today. This document includes revisions recommended by the CalSWEC Mental Health Initiative Committee and a variety of community based stakeholder organizations and participants.

The format of the Mental Health competencies divides them into Foundation and Advanced categories, which correspond roughly to the first and second years of the MSW program. The Competencies are based on a series of principle statements adapted from the Mental Health Services Act (December 2004) and the California Mental Health Master Plan: A Vision for California (March 2003).

Foundation Competencies (1st Year)
Advanced Competencies (2nd Year)
Culturally and Linguistically Comptetent Generalist Practice  Culturally and Linguistically Competent Mental Health Practice 
Foundation Practice Advanced Mental Health Practice
Human Behavior and the Social Environment Human Behavior and the Mental Health Environment
Workplace Management Mental Health Policy, Planning and Administration

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