Field Placements

BASW Field Orientation - Spring 2015 - Power Point Presentation Slides

BASW Field Placement Timeline Starting Spring 2015

MSW I Field Orientation Part 2 (Sept) Presentation Slides - Safety

MSW I Field Orientation Part 2 (Sept) Presentation Slides - Ethical Issues

BASW Field Orientation Part 2 (Sept) Presentation Slides - Available Soon

MSW II Field Placement Timeline & Decision Tree Starting Spring 2015 - available soon

MSW I Field Orientation Part 1 (July) Presentation Sildes

Important Dates in Field - Fall 2014/Spring 2015

*Disclaimer: The field placements listing is for viewing purposes only. You may not negotiate a placement until after you receive a referral from Field Education Faculty. This policy is to make the placement process as fair as possible for all students. If you do not follow this policy, you run the risk of having your placement disallowed.

Aging or Gerontology
Alcohol, Drug or Substance Abuse
Child Welfare
Criminal Justice, Corrections or Probation
Cultural or Immigrant Services
Disability or Rehabilitation
Health or Medical
Homelessness or Poverty
Mental Health
Social Justice
Victim Services
Welfare, Employment or Social Services


Interviewing For Field Placements:

Guide to Field Placement Interview

Field Interview Prep Workshop Presentation TBD, 2015 (Coming Soon)

Ten Rules of Interviewing

Dress for Success

For Students in Field:

BASW Orientation Spring 2015 Power Point Slides (Coming Soon)

Learning Style Assessment

BASW Field Quiz

Overview of Key Ethical Issues in Field

Safety in the Field & Risk Reduction

 Additional information for students in field:

Field Education FAQ for Students

What to Expect at the Field Faire


Job Conversion or Job-Related Placement

The use of employment as a field placement site must be approved by the Director of Field Education. Approval is granted only if certain conditions are met and the situation is educationally sound and appropriate for the particular student. For a list of criteria, please see the Job Conversion Application or Job-Related Placement Application located on the FORMS web page.