Syllabi for upper-division courses (HIST 100-199)

Spring 2015

HIST 100. Introduction to Historical Skills

Sect Days Bldg/Room Times Faculty GE & Grad Req
01 MW LIB126 130PM-245PM Seery-Murphy,Stephanie M
03 TR LIB126 1030AM-1145AM Rose,Jim D
05 TR LIB126 300PM-415PM Seery-Murphy,Stephanie M
06 W ALP218 530PM-820PM Secker,Martin D
07 MW TAH1027 300PM-415PM Seery-Murphy,Stephanie M

HIST 101A. Language and written culture in Ancient Greece.

HIST 101B. Language and written culture in Ancient Greece.

HIST 102A. Culture and Language in Modern Greece, 1821-1909.

HIST 102B. Culture and Language in Modern Greece, 1909-Present.

HIST 103. Mediterranean Europe: From the Renaissance to the European Union

HIST 105. Great Ages and Issues in Modern European History

Sect Days Bldg/Room Times Faculty GE & Grad Req
01 T BRH218 600PM-850PM Williamson,Arthur H HUM (C2),WI
02 TR ARC1008 0900AM-1015AM Selwyn,Jennifer HUM (C2),WI

HIST 107. History of the Physical Sciences

HIST 108. Ancient Egypt

HIST 109. History of Modern Greece

HIST 110. The Ancient Near East: A Cultural History

HIST 111. Ancient Greece

HIST 112. Ancient Rome

HIST 113. Early Medieval Europe

HIST 114. Europe in the High Middle Ages

HIST 115. The Renaissance and Reformation in Europe

HIST 116. Europe, 1648-1815, The Age of Revolution

HIST 117. Europe, 1815-1914

HIST 118A. World War I: Causes, Conduct, Consequences

HIST 118B. World War II: Causes, Conduct, Consequences

HIST 119. Europe Since 1945

Sect Days Bldg/Room Times Faculty GE & Grad Req
01 R BRH214 600PM-850PM Secker,Martin D GE AREA D
02 TR ALP218 300PM-415PM Collins,Michael D GE AREA D

HIST 121. Democracy and Human Rights in the Era of the French Revolution and Napoleon

HIST 122A. History of Women in Western Civilization, Prehistory-Middle Ages

HIST 122B. History of Women in Western Civilization, Renaissance-Present

HIST 123. The Crusades

HIST 124A. Warfare: Alexander to Napoleon

HIST 124B. European Warfare from the French Revolution to the Present

HIST 125. Twentieth Century Germany

HIST 126. Evolution of Christianity to the Reformation

HIST 127. Evolution of Christianity Since the Reformation

HIST 128A. Medieval England to 1485

HIST 128B. Tudor and Stuart England, 1485-1714

HIST 128C. British History, 1714-Present

HIST 129A. Medieval Russia

HIST 129B. Culture and Politics in Imperial Russia

HIST 129C. Twentieth Century Russia

HIST 130. The Fall Of Communism

HIST 132. Topics In World History

HIST 133. Twentieth-Century World History

HIST 134. The Rise and Fall of European Colonial Empires

HIST 135A. History Of Mexico To 1910

HIST 135B. Revolutionary and Modern Mexico

HIST 138A. Modern and Contemporary Latin America

HIST 138B. Modern and Contemporary Latin America

HIST 140. Modern East Asian Cinema

HIST 141. History of Africa Since 1800

HIST 142. History of Women in Africa

HIST 143A. Middle Eastern History to 1800

HIST 143B. The Modern Middle East

HIST 144. Modern Iran: Islam, Politics, and the State, 1500-Present

HIST 145. South Asian History & Civilization

HIST 146A. Cultural History of Japan to 1800

HIST 146B. Modern Japan, 1800-present

HIST 146C. The History of Manga

HIST 147. History of Buddhism

HIST 148A. China: Antiquity to 1600 AD

HIST 148B. China, 1600 to Present

HIST 149. The Making of Modern Southeast Asia

HIST 150. Colonial America

HIST 151. The Age of the American Revolution

HIST 152. Young Republic, 1790-1840

HIST 153. Civil War and Reconstruction, 1840-1890

HIST 154. 20th Century United States, 1890-1940

HIST 155. 20th Century United States, 1941-Present

HIST 156. The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage

HIST 157. History of International Relations in the 20th Century

HIST 158. Military History of the United States

HIST 159. History of US Foreign Relations

HIST 160. The United States in Vietnam, 1940-1975

HIST 161. The American Vision

HIST 162. Social History of the United States

HIST 163. The City in US History

HIST 164. History of American Capitalism

HIST 165. American Environmental History

HIST 166. Popular Culture

HIST 167. History of American Women

Sect Days Bldg/Room Times Faculty GE & Grad Req
02 MW ARC1008 430PM-545PM Slutsky,Beth S GE AREA D,US HISTORY
04 TR ARC1008 130PM-245PM Arnfeld,Rebecca GE AREA D,US HISTORY

HIST 168. Images Of America

HIST 169. Hollywood and America

HIST 170. History of Religion in the United States

HIST 171. American Indian History

HIST 172. Native American People

HIST 173. The History of the Civil Rights Movement: From Reconstruction to Deconstruction, 1865-Present

HIST 174. Women in North America and Britain, 1600-1850

HIST 175. Sex, Population, and Birth Control in America

HIST 176. African Cultural Heritage in the Americas

HIST 177. The African-American Experience, 1603-Present

HIST 178. Mexican-American History

HIST 179. American Immigration History

HIST 180. American Legal History

HIST 182. American West

HIST 183A. California History, 1542-1860

HIST 183B. California History, 1860-1970

HIST 184. California Architecture and Urban History

HIST 185. California Indian History

HIST 186. Ethnic Minorities in California History

HIST 187. Topics in United States History 1600-1900

HIST 188. American Labor History

HIST 189. California Dreamin': A Cultural History of California since 1840

HIST 191. Seminar in Historical Interpretation and Analysis

HIST 192A. Seminar in Recent Interpretations of United States History

HIST 192B. Seminar in Recent Interpretations of European History

HIST 192C. Seminar in Recent Interpretations of Asian History

HIST 192E. Seminar in Recent Interpretations of African History

HIST 192F. Seminar in Recent Interpretations of Latin American History

HIST 192Z. Seminar in Recent Interpretations of a Special Topic

HIST 196. Ancient Science

HIST 197A. Senior Research Seminar: United States History

HIST 197B. Senior Research Seminar: World History

Sect Days Bldg/Room Times Faculty GE & Grad Req
01 W ARC1008 600PM-850PM Numark,Mitchell W
02 TR BRH210 300PM-415PM Numark,Mitchell W

HIST 197C. Senior Research Seminar: Public History

HIST 198. Summative Assessment for Teachers