Full-Time Faculty

Tenured and Tenure-Track

Austin, Paula (PhD, City University of New York 2015)
U.S., African-American

Burke, Chloe (PhD, Michigan 2004)
U.S., cultural
details and photo

Castaneda, Christopher J. (PhD, Houston 1990)
U.S., business, labor
details and photo

Cohen, Aaron J. (PhD, Johns Hopkins 1998)
details and photo

Dym, Jeffrey A. (PhD, Hawai'i 1998)
Japan, film
details and photo

Ettinger, Patrick (PhD, Indiana 2000)
American West, immigration, public and oral history
details and photo

Gaston, Jessie (PhD, UCLA 1984)
details and photo

Gregory-Abbott, Candace (PhD, Yale 2003)
medieval Europe
details and photo

Kluchin, Rebecca (PhD, Carnegie Mellon 2004)
U.S. women, health care policy

Lagos, Katerina (DPhil, Oxford 2004)
modern Greece
details and photo

Lazaridis, Nikolaos (DPhil, Oxford 2006)
ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt
details and photo

Lindsay, Anne (PhD, Riverside 2010)
public history, U.S. colonial

Lindsay, Brendan (PhD, Riverside 2007) on leave Spring 2016
California, Native American
details and photo

Numark, Mitch (PhD, UCLA 2006)
British Empire, South Asia, Jewish history
details and photo

Palermo, Joseph (PhD, Cornell 1998)
U.S., 20th-century politics
details and photo

Siegel, Mona (PhD, Wisconsin, Madison 1996)
modern Europe, modern France
details and photo

Simpson, Lee M. A. (PhD, Riverside 1996)
public history, U.S. urban
details and photo

Vann, Michael (PhD, Santa Cruz 1999)
World History, French colonial empires
details and photo

Wilson, Jeffrey K. (PhD, Michigan 2002)
Germany, Central Europe, European environmental
details and photo


Lupo, M. Scott (PhD, Nevada 2002)
US, social, religion, politics

Reed, Loretta (PhD, Davis 2000)
ancient, women