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Information Security Office

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Sacramento State Information Security

The Information Security Office at Sacramento State supports the central mission of the University by assuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of its information and information systems.


Risk Management

The Information Security Office manages the Information Security Risk Assessment process on campus.   The Truarx assessment tool is also used to inventory all servers, network gear, data centers, and physical locations of level 1 and level 2 data.  Maintaining a current inventory of these critical assets is important to ensure the appropriate controls are implemented and managed.  Please update the Information Security Office of any addition, changes or removal of this assets.

  Information Technology  

Web Application Scanner

The Information Security Office has purchased a web application scanner to help developers and system owners find possible vulnerabilities on their web applications. This web scanner performs a through scan as well as penetration testing. If you wish to schedule a scan of your application, please see the web scanner request site


Security related articles

The Information Security Office has composed a list of articles related to Higher Education and incidents around security topics. These articles are a good refference for those who wish to understand the risk of not be secure.  Read more here

  Email Notice  

CSU Information Security Standards

Newly vetted Information Security Standards. See the latest drafts of these standards here:

Identity Theft  

Identity Theft and Phishing

Don’t fall victim to identity theft. One tool used is the, phishing message, which is an unsolicited e-mail message that seems to come from a legitimate source and asks for your login, password and/or other personally identifiable information. Often it will give you a fictitious reason, such as a security breach, survey, or contest, to trick you into providing your personal information, either by return mail or on a related website. Learn more here.