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Asset Registration

Sacramento State Information Security Office is leading an ongoing risk management process. In an effort to ensure all areas of risk are evaluated a accurate asset list must be maintained. The form below will allow departments and program centers to identify assets that are part of the risk assessment process as outline in the asset management standard.

Risk management provides the basis for prioritization and selection of remediation activities and can be used to monitor the effectiveness of campus controls. Sacramento State will conduct an annual campus-wide risk assessment coordinated by the Information Security Office. Results from the assessment will be provided to the Vice Presidents. A campus-wide report will be prepared for the Vice President and Chief Information Officer to present to the President. The President will certify the risk assessment, mitigation strategies and all documented risk acceptance.

For information on the Risk Assessment Process please see the Risk Management policy here:

Register Asset

Asset Information:

Electronic devices use DNS name / Physical assets use a short description cabinet, safe, filling cabinet.


Staff member who ultimately assumes the risk of the asset (Dean, VP, Manager)

Staff member responsible for supporting the asset

This represents the highest level of data as defined by the data classification standard.

This represents the the type of data being stored on the asset.

This is the impact to the campus if the asset’s integrity is compromised or unavailable.

This is the impact to the department / program center if the asset is not available for an extended period of time.

This is the priority to the department/program center to recover this asset if it is not available.

This is the effect of the internal repercussions if this asset were unavailable.

This is the effect of the external repercussions if the asset were unavailable.

A member of the Information Security Office will contact you once the form has been processed to ensure the information is correct. Additional question may be asked to ensure the information on the asset is correct.