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Priority Deprovisioning

In order to maintain the integrity and security of various systems relating to user accounts and services offered, Sacramento State follows an emergency deprovisioning process for user accounts that need immediate removal outside our normal deprovisioning process. Managers requesting this service are recommended to contact Human Resources first regarding this need. Once all the necessary formalities are addressed, Human Resources and/or the department manager coordinates the submission of relevant information by submitting this form. Once submitted you will be contacted immediately to coordinate and carry out the appropriate actions for account removal and related permissions.

Please use this request process for employees that are terminated immediately as well as employees are retiring or inactive employees that are still on the payroll because of accrued vacation, etc.

Requester Information

Note: This information is used to verify and validate your request. It is critical that you provide your direct contact information where we can reach you in the next 30 minutes.

Have you notified Human Resources?


Note: If No, please contact Human Resources to co-ordinate this request formally.

Please indicate departing employee information, requested action and timeline.

- Please immediately deactivate John Doe's saclink account jdoe
- John Doe will no longer be employed with Sac State effective 7/31/09. Please deactivate John Doe's account on
7/30/2009 at 5.00 pm

The Information Security Office will validate/verify all submitted information. The standard turn around time to initiate a priority access control removal requests is 30 minutes followed by the removal process.