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 Request for Web Server Account

The Information Provider is the individual who will prepare the information for web publication. If more than one individual will need access to the site, then each individual must submit a form.

NOTE: Personal web pages, other than for faculty, should be established using SacLink. Information about establishing a Personal SacLink web page is available online.

A. Information Provider (all information is required)

The information provider of this account will be which of the following?

B. Sacramento State Affiliation

Sponsor/Advisor's Information (if required - see notations above.)

C. Purpose and/or General Content of Web Page
D. Directory Name Request (optional)

I am requesting for an individual faculty web directory (for faculty only).

(e.g. because:

Requested directory names are not guaranteed, unless they already exist.

E. Required Signatures

By checking the box below, I certify that the requested Web Server Account will be used for the work specified, that the proposed use of these computing services is justified by the programs of the CSU system. I further understand that unauthorized use of the CSU computing facilities is a violation of Penal Code 502 and, therefore, punishable by a fine not exceeding $5,000 and, imprisonment not exceeding three years and cancellation of accounts.

I have read and understand the above disclaimer.

IMPORTANT: All sponsor approvals will be verified with the person named. Please ensure that sponsor name, email address, and phone number (sponsor's info section) are correct or form may not be processed.