Participating in Renaissance

It Can't Be Done Without You!

Love Renaissance? Like the wide variety, the interesting people, the use of your life skills, the low cost? Then help to keep it that way. Become a participating member in the many activities that work together to create this marvelous organization.

Our Friday afternoon seminars are the heart of Renaissance and you are needed to present seminars on topics in which you are interested. You need not be an expert— Renaissance is an organization founded on the concept of participatory learning, which means we all learn together.

Shy? No problem. You can participate as a seminar co-leader and assist other leaders. Contact the Seminar Committee chairs for details and questions.

Want to see what kind of seminars have been offered recently? Here is a list of recent seminar topics.

And here's a great way to get started as a potential seminar leader: Check out our list of Great Courses videos that might help you with a topic. Another help can be utilizing online courses as a starting place for a seminar.

Or work behind the scenes on one of the Board's many committees, which need a variety of skills. Here is the list of committees and their volunteer needs.

If you have questions, contact us or the chairs of any committees.

Descriptions of Board Committees

These Are the Things You Could Do To Help!

Research educational or cultural locations of interest to members; arrange eating and transportation; advertise trips; maintain the list of those who have signed up.
Financial Management:
Provide assistance to the Renaissance Controller in maintaining and managing the financial resources of the organization.
Research and contact people of interest to the audience; request a University room for each week; write announcements of the speaker for publication in the Renaissance Recorder.
Collect and maintain photos, news releases, directories, and seminar catalogs for history; assist in cataloging, filing, and storing the materials collected.
Internet Services (e.g., Website):
Encourage contributions to the Website; assist in creating additional information and innovations for the Website; develop online communications for Renaissance members.
Long-Range Planning:
Examine and strengthen current programs and developing innovate long-term programs.
Participate in new member orientation and Rendezvous; help staff prepare and maintain current membership roster; prepare mailings; make follow-up calls to new members; assemble new member packets; prepare name tags and membership cards; coordinate with campus parking for parking passes.
Newsletter (Renaissance Recorder):
Compile, write, type and distribute the monthly Recorder to current members.
Seminar Committee:
Encourage members to become leaders and co-leaders; maintain list of printed and video materials available for use in seminars; train and coach leaders; compile the seminar catalog offerings each semester; collect ideas for future seminars.
Contact potential presenters; introduce the scheduled presenter; maintain a list of presenters each semester; maintain a list of substitutes; prepare a monthly list of presenters for the Recorder and Website.
Identify and recruit individuals to serve on the Renaissance Board and in other capacities; prepare slate of officers for the Annual meeting.
Prepare and distribute publicity announcements to the current Renaissance members, CSUS students and the general public and media on and off campus.
Establish criteria for awarding scholarships, evaluate applications; interview recipients; introduce recipients at the Society's annual membership meeting, provide recipients' names to CSUS financial aid office; encourage contributions to the scholarship fund; submit articles to the Recorder.
Social events:
Advertise the events to members; help keep lists of people registering; coordinate food and/or entertainment at planned events; prepare announcements for the Website and the Recorder.
Assist seminar leaders as needed on use of computers and other equipment available in classrooms; help prepare and deliver technical training for leaders each semester.
Ad hoc:
Research and debate issues identified by and affecting the Renaissance Society; resolve issue; prepare notifications for the Recorder; implement changes.
University Services:
Determine University's needs; solicit volunteers for mentoring, theater ushers, art docents; solicit volunteers at Rendezvous and in the Recorder; maintain lists of volunteers; coach volunteers.