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Presenters' Clinic

Friday, 12 to 12:45 p.m., Douglass 106

Marian Kile

Personal Development These 45-minute sessions can help all of us to become more effective presenters. Each week, we will cover a different aspect of preparing or delivering a presentation. The weekly topics will also be in the Recorder newsletter and the weekly email reminders. Drop-in to any or all of the sessions, and you are welcome to bring your lunch. No sign-up or participation required.

Sept. 5: Google Searching
Marian Kile. Do you do a search and end up with no hits or maybe a million? Marian will share tips to make our searches more effective. These are helpful for not only preparing for our Renaissance classes but there are useful for all types of searches.
Sept. 12: Topic Strategies
Marian Kile. Spending a little more time on strategies can make a more effective presentation and help us to communicate meaningful information. These tips can help the all levels of presenters.
Sept. 19: How I Do My Research
P.J. Garrido. Our Renaissance past president, P.J. Garrido, will show us how she does her research when preparing a presentation.
Sept. 26: Organizing Our Presentations
Marian Kile. Learn how to organize our presentations so they are easier to deliver and are more effective for our audience.
Oct. 3: Internet Cutting and Pasting
Marian Kile. Learn how to cut the text and images from the Internet and paste them into your presentation, other documents or email. This can help all of us, even if we aren't doing presentations.
Oct. 10: Delivering Our Presentations
Marian Kile.
Oct. 17: Dealing with Nervousness
Marian Kile. Dry mouth? Butterflies? Marian will share tips on controlling your nerves so we can be more comfortable and provide a great presentation.
Oct. 24: PowerPoint Pt. I: How It All Works
Marian Kile. PowerPoint is one of the wonders of our computer age! Renaissance presenters using PowerPoint have learned that audiences play closer attention, retain more information and actually enjoy hearing about and seeing data presented on specific topics. Today we will discuss the many benefits of PowerPoint and learn how to create a PowerPoint slide!
Oct. 31: PowerPoint Pt. II: Formatting
Marian Kile. Formatting, or the placement and arrangement of display material, is an essential but very simple part of PowerPoint. Today you will learn how wonderfully user friendly and easy PowerPoint lets you format your presentations! This is a most important part of presenting with PowerPoint. With just a few clicks, you will substantially enhance your presentation, making it more valuable and interesting for your audience.
Nov. 7: PowerPoint Pt. III: Using
Marian Kile. The best part of PowerPoint is using and working with it. Today we will go over the most effective tools and magical aspects of PowerPoint. Did you know PowerPoint eliminates the need to carry books, maps, charts and transparencies across campus for a presentation? Have you ever fumbled looking for a certain map or transparency or couldn't remember which book contains the phase or statement you want to read? PowerPoint allows us to be organized, smoother and more confident while presenting!
Nov. 14: Beyond Wikipedia:
Kathy Beasley. Digging into Your Topic Online—and Striking Gold.
Nov. 21: Handling Questions
Marian Kile. Are you ready for a Q & A Session? This class will offer insight on dealing with questions from our audience.
Nov. 28:
Thanksgiving Break; No Seminars.
Dec. 5: How I Research My Presentations
Marian Kile. Marian will walk us through the steps she uses to prepare for a presentation.