A Happy Computer

PC Clinic

Friday, 12 to 12:45 p.m., Douglass 106

Marian Kile

These clinics are for members who want to learn how to use their personal computers more effectively. Each class will provide tips on different aspects of using the PC. They are on a drop-in basis so you can attend the ones you want without having to register. Since it is only 45 minutes, no participation is expected.

All of these will be demonstrated on a PC but a lot of the topics can be applied to Macs. You can bring your lunch. If you have to leave class early, that is fine.

Feb. 7: Using Google for searching the Internet
Learn some great tips for more effective searches on the Internet.
Feb. 14: How to Save and Search for Files
It is so frustrating to know you saved a document or picture and yet you can't find it anywhere. Learn the best way to save files so you can locate them when needed.
Feb. 21: PowerPoint 1 of 3
Marian is conducting at three-part PowerPoint series. This Friday, she will show us the basics of PowerPoint, including creating, opening and saving a presentation. This can help the novice as well as the experienced presenters.
Feb. 28: PowerPoint 2 of 3—Tips
This week Marian will focus on tips and techniques that can enhance our delivery of our PowerPoint presentations. Many of these tips can be used for all types of presentations.
March 7: PowerPoint 3 of 3—Advanced Features
Marian will show how to use transitions and animations, as well as add music or videos for more effective presentations.
March 14: DropBox (Cloud Computing)
Dropbox is the most popular free "cloud computing" application. Marian will show us how to get started, manage, add folders and files, add accesses for others, share and more.
March 21: Basics of Facebook
Marian will show us how to connect with family and friends around the globe with this free application. It is great way to find out what others are doing as well as share some of our own activities.
March 28:
Spring Break; No Seminars.
April 4: Special Effects in MS Word
Marian will show us some of the handy features of MS Word versions 2003 and 2010. These are easy to learn and make a big difference in our documents.
April 11: Tips for spelling, grammar and find using MS Word for 2010
What do those different-colored wavy underlines mean in MS Word? How can we set up our dictionary properly? Marian will show us how to successfully use these tools and provide us with some bonus tips so we can use MS Word more effectively.
April 18: Inserting pictures into MS Word documents
Marian will show us how to insert a picture or image in our Word 2010 documents and she will also share special formatting tips that make it easier to use.
April 25: Tips for organizing our pictures with Windows Explorer
Can't find the picture you want? Marian will give us some tips on how to make this task easier so we can manage all of those images.
May 2: Learn the new ways to use Paint in Windows 7
Marian will show us how to add borders to existing photos, add text to photos and documents, create our own flyers, and convert file types (like TIFF to JPG). Learning this basic tool can make it easier to learn other, more complex programs like Adobe Photoshop.