President Gonzalez Announces Retirement at End of Academic Year

President's Fall Address: August 28, 2014

"We are a new Sacramento State. I see this every day, in the excitement of the students and visitors who come to our campus – and they come not just to park and leave, but to stay and enjoy what we have built and all that we provide. I see it in the waves of Green and Gold apparel worn on our campus and all over town. I hear it at our athletic events, where fans paint their faces and cheer us on … with Stingers Up. I experience the joyous moments at commencement, when graduates and families celebrate the end of a journey filled with hours of study, professors who really care, and what I believe is one of the very best public educations available in our nation."

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Welcoming the Largest Incoming Class in University History

President’s Fall Address: August 29, 2013

"Along the way, we learned a lot about ourselves. We found strength in our core educational mission, and we discovered that entire communities believed in the value of the California State University and of Sacramento State. We saw how we could succeed by working together, both among ourselves and with those we are here to serve – and that is the real lesson I hope we take from the aftermath of the Great Recession."

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Access, Quality and Affordability

President’s Spring Address: January 24, 2013

"In my view, the classic analogy of the three-legged stool is appropriate here. If you take away access, quality, or affordability, you no longer have effective public higher education. Instead, you’re left with a broken system that supports no one. I know that we can continue to focus on these three principles because you have demonstrated that they are hallmarks of our University."

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Changes and Challenges: We Must Keep Looking Foward

President’s Fall Address: August 23, 2012

"How we deal with the changes and challenges ahead will go a long way toward determining our success as a model regional institution. We need to work together to further demonstrate our value to the community, to the students who need us as they pursue their dreams, and to the people of California who will decide our fate in November."

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Redefine the Possible

President’s Spring Address: January 19, 2012

"To redefine the possible, we must do the unexpected. Our work to create a university for the 21st century will require a major commitment to looking beyond the limitations we now perceive. We must not look just at how we can improve, but how we can re-invent ourselves in the name of improvement. We must stand up for innovation and stand out in our community, state and nation."

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Public Higher Education: A Worthwhile Investment

President’s Fall Address: August 25, 2011

"I am confident that we are all well-positioned to emerge from the economic downturn stronger than ever, and that is a credit to our dedicated faculty and staff. ... What hangs in the balance right now is not just what happens with the state budget – even though it is hard to think about anything else. At stake is the kind of campus we will have in the years to come. Whether we will be attractive to students. Whether we will successfully defend the value of the liberal arts and of critical thinking. And whether the public will see us as a worthwhile investment, or merely as a quaint memory of how higher education used to be done.Friends and colleagues, this is up to us. "

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Prudent Budget Planning Amid the Turmoil

President’s Spring Address: January 20, 2011

"In essence, we are now being asked to deliver a 21st century education with 20th century dollars."

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Celebrating Destination 2010 and the Campus Community

President’s Fall Address: August 26, 2010

"For too long, many people perceived Sacramento State as isolated and root-bound, both in terms of the geographical barriers that surround our campus and our status as a regional contributor. Although we had excellent academic programs and a passion for service to the community, too many of our accomplishments went unnoticed. It is my hope that Destination 2010 has changed all that."

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President speaks to new U.S. citizens

April 22, 2009

"We welcome (students) with open arms as they study with us, live with us and grow with us. In a way, they become part of a family, our family, the Sacramento State family. And when those first-generation students graduate, we ask them to stand while we give them a special round of applause at our commencement ceremonies."

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