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Dr. Amy Liu, OAPA Director

Amy Liu is a leading expert in assessment, program review, and curriculum design. As the director of OAPA since 2012, she has provided leadership and training about how to use program learning outcomes with standards of performance and quality assignments to demonstrate the meaning, quality, integrity and uniqueness of degree programs. As a recent graduate of WASC Assessment Leadership Academy, she has used an integrated assessment strategy that combines direct assessment with exit surveys and transcript analysis to provide high quality data to improve student learning and success. Since 2007, Dr. Liu has been Director of Sociology Graduate Program and is responsible for recruiting and advising graduate students and for designing and assessing this program. She has also chaired three program review teams and served as an external consultant. As the Director of The Sacramento State Annual Survey of the Region (2002 -2009), her research team interviewed about 9,000 residents in the Sacramento region, produced 54 reports, and conducted more than 100 media interviews.

Dr. Elizabeth Strasser, OAPA Faculty Consultant

Elizabeth Strasser from Anthropology began serving as a faculty consultant for the Office of Academic Program Assessment in Fall 2012. Among many other things she has been a department chair, served on the GE Course Review Subcommittee for 20 years & chaired that body for several years, been the GE faculty consultant for three years and in that capacity wrote the Report on Assessing Baccalaureate Learning Goals at Sacramento State as well as the GE Self-Study for the GEGR Policy Committee, served for 10 years on her department’s undergraduate committee that advises majors, served on the Instructionally Related Activities Committee that distributes monies to student groups, serves as treasurer for the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and is currently the SSIS representative to the Academic Advising & Career Center.

Dr. Julian Heather, OAPA Faculty Consultant

Julian Heather became interested in assessment when he worked as a curriculum coordinator for an English program in Japan, with responsibility for programmatic assessment.  He received his Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (with a minor in Educational Psychology) from the University of Arizona. His dissertation investigated the uses of technology in language assessment. Since arriving at Sacramento State, he has used his assessment expertise at many levels.  In the English Department, he has served on the Assessment Committee; he has also developed and taught a graduate seminar on curriculum and assessment design for the second lanugage classroom.  At the university level, he regularly works with the Office of Global Studies on language requirements for international students; he has served on the program review team for the College of Continuing Education; and in Spring 2011, he was appointed as a Faculty Assessment Consultant with the Office of Academic Program Assessment.  

Dr. Shannon Datwyler, OAPA Faculty Consultant  

Shannon Datwyler has been a Faculty Consultant at OAPA since 2011. She became involved in assessment during a major curriculum revision in Biological Sciences. At the heart of the curriculum revision was a focus on using student learning outcomes to guide the coursework and experiences in the courses.  In the last two years, she has led an effort to develop assessments focusing on core competenices in the Biological Sciences.  She has also been involved in efforts to assess student reading in the introductory courses in Biological Sciences as part of a Faculty Inquiry Group and served on the program review team for Humanities and Religious Studies in 2006-2007.  She has also served on the Biological Sciences curriculum committee for eight years and the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Curriculum and Resources Committee for four years.