CourseMatch On-Line Course Offerings Throughout the CSU Fall 2015

logoThere are hundreds of semester courses from across the CSU system that are being offered on-line through the CSU Fully On-Line Course Offerings via Cross-Campus Enrollment.  Current and Continuing students who meet eligibility criteria:  In Good Academic Standing; Have completed at least 12 units at Sac State; who have paid tuition and fees as a “full-time” student, enrolled in more than 6 units, for Fall 2015 are eligible to enroll in one CSU on-line course per term.  You may only enroll in semester-based campus courses. You may not enroll in courses that are quarter system.

1. Not sure if online courses are right for you? Click here to take the online readiness self-assessment.

2. Go to to view courses offered. Once your eligibility is confirmed, you can search the Schedule of Classes for Fall 2015. You should also consult with your academic advisor to determine how the course may apply to your degree requirements.

3. Once you pick a course, go to your Student Center, click on the CourseMatch link under Academics, and enter the course information no later than the date shown for the campus offering the course. For detailed instructions on how to request enrollment, click here.

At this time, students are limited to enrolling in one course unless the course includes a lab.
You may view the CourseMatch alert letter sent to all eligible students here.


CSU Fully Online Courses for Fall 2015

Cross-Campus Enrollment

Campus Term Type Enrollment Dates Classes Begin
Channel Islands Semester August 5 - 28 8/24/2015
Chico Semester August 10 - 21 8/24/2015
Dominguez Hills Semester August 17 - 28 8/24/2015
Fresno Semester August 10 - 31 8/25/2015
Fullerton Semester August 5 - 21 8/17/2015
Humboldt Semester August 5 - 21 8/24/2015
Long Beach Semester August 5 - 21 8/24/2015
*Monterey Bay Semester August 13- 28 8/31/2015
Northridge Semester August 14 -28 8/22/2015
*Sacramento Semester August 18 - 27 8/31/2015
San Diego Semester August 17 - 20 8/24/2015
San Francisco Semester August 12 - 16 8/24/2015
San Jose Semester August 5 - 16 8/20/2015
*San Marcos Semester August 10 - 31 8/31/2015
Sonoma  Semester August 19 - September 8 8/25/2015
Stanislaus Semester August 5 - 21 8/24/2015