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"Computer Access for Students with Disabilities"


Students with physical, visual or learning disabilities may have difficulty accessing computers and often require special assistive computer hardware/software to access these systems. Students may need auditory rather than visual feedback, screen magnification, voice recognition, an adapted writing environment, or a combination of any of these.


Watch demonstrations of several types of assistive technology used by students with disabilities in the High Tech Center (e.g. ZoomText, Jaws, Kurzweil and Dragon NaturallySpeaking.) Thank you to Jean Wells who produced and directed this video for the CSU Accessible Technology Initiative, students from California State University Long Beach who demonstrated the technology, and the SFSU Adaptive Technology Program for the video link.

  View the video on Youtube  


The primary purpose of the High Tech Center (HTC) is to determine the assistive computer technology that would best meet the needs of the individual student and then offer instruction in the use of that technology. For an accessible PowerPoint overview of the center, see High Tech Center PowerPoint.

Evaluation/Training in Appropriate Assistive Computer Technology

Based on the student’s disability and needs, a referral from an SSWD Counselor/Specialist is made to the High Tech Center and an evaluation is completed to determine the appropriate assistive computer hardware/software to allow maximum accessibility to a computer. Training is then provided on an individual basis for students on use of the assistive computer hardware/software.

The High Tech Center provides a supported lab environment to ensure that students achieve a level of proficiency with the assistive computer technology. Each semester weekly hours will be established for students to get needed additional assistance on assistive computer related questions.

In addition, High Tech Center staff can provide consultation to faculty and staff regarding assistive computer access for persons with disabilities. 


Basic training on use of appropriate assistive computer hardware/software is provided on an individual basis for SSWD students upon High Tech Center referral and instructor availability. Students will be referred from an SSWD Counselor/Specialist to meet with High Tech Center staff for a needs assessment for individualized instruction in assistive computer technology before  instruction times are scheduled. Contact SSWD Counselor/Specialist (916-278-6955) for questions on referrals or eligibility.

Please note that for students who need basic computer training (e.g. Microsoft Word) or training on standard Sacramento State software (e.g. My Sac State, SacCT, Student Center), small group training is now available for all Sacramento State students through the Student Technology Center.

In addition please see the following tutorials for JAWS screen reader users (the link will ask you to save a zipped file which contains the audio tutorial and the text transcript of the tutorials):

My Sac State

Student Center



BLIND: The HTC utilizes a screen reading program to provide auditory rather than visual access to the computer screen. A Braille embosser, Braille translation software and scan/read workstations are also available.

LOW VISION: The HTC offers software which magnifies the text on screen and reads and CCTV systems to enlarge print material.

MOBILITY IMPAIRMENTS: Voice recognition, adjustable workstations, ergonomic keyboards, wrist and arm supports are available at the High Tech Center.

LEARNING DISABILITIES: Students are provided an adapted writing environment utilizing computers, word-processing, spell checkers, on-screen dictionaries and thesaurus, outlining/clustering, organizational, text to speech software and speech to text software.

DEAF/HARD OF HEARING Word-processing, spell checkers, on-screen dictionaries and thesaurus, organizational software, and accessibility options are available at the High Tech Center. Assistive listening devices, captioning services, and other assistive technologies for students who are deaf or hard of hearing are available through the Services to Students with Disabilities Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program.


  • Computers
    • PC
  • Braille Embosser
  • Braille Translation Software
  • Refreshable Braille display
  • Scanners
    • Canon
  • Scan/Read Workstations
  • Screen Reading Software
  • Tactile Graphics
  • Text Enlarging/Reading
  • CCTV Video magnification Systems
    • Acrobat HD Portable CCTV
    • Optelec Spectrum SVGA, 22” Widescreen Ultra Flexible Arm System
  • Voice Recognition
  • Adjustable Workstations and Chairs
  • Ergonomic Keyboards
  • Trackballs
  • Arm and Wrist Supports


A Sacramento State student who has provided verification of a disability to Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD) and demonstrates a need to use assistive computer hardware/software or equipment is eligible for services upon referral from SSWD. For more information about eligibility and usage of the High Tech Center please see the High Tech Center Lab Policy in SSWD Office Policies and Procedures.


The High Tech Center staff can also provide consultation and assistance to faculty regarding provision of course materials in alternative format such as electronic text, Braille, large text, tactile graphics, etc. to students whose disabilities affect access to print materials. Please see the Alternative Media Production Unit for more information. 


The HIGH TECH CENTER is located in the Academic Information Resource Center (AIRC). High Tech Center facilities include the High Tech Center Lab (AIRC 2011) and High Tech Center Training (AIRC 2010). General business hours are Monday - Friday 8 am - 4:45 pm. Occasionally, the High Tech Center will be closed for test administration, demonstrations, HTC tours, etc. but advance notice will be given and signs posted. For more information, please call the High Tech Center at (916) 278-7915 or e-mail Please send High Tech Center related comments, suggestions, and problem reports to Melissa Repa.
For locations of other computing labs with disability access features, please see

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