Enrollment Management

Welcome to Enrollment Management at Sacramento State!

"Enrollment management is the collaborative use of targeted strategies throughout the campus which are designed to meet the University’s goals for student recruitment, retention and graduation." - Ed Mills, 2010

At Sacramento State, Student Affairs works jointly with Academic Affairs and other campus groups to build and maintain a balanced student body that emphasizes student success. Enrollment Management strategies are designed to support the University’s Strategic Plan. Specifically in support of Strategic Priority 1, we strive to:

  • meet, but not exceed, our funded enrollment target;
  • maintain and/or increase the diversity for which the CSU is known;
  • increase student satisfaction through improved support services;
  • help students overcome administrative and financial barriers
  • increase student retention
  • help students prepare for their new careers; and
  • facilitate graduation

This enrollment management web site is being designed initially to help educate the campus and University partners about enrollment management within the CSU system and specifically at Sacramento State. To that end, Lori Varlotta, Vice President of Student Affairs and I have developed an enrollment management primer and Q & A to help everyone become more comfortable with common terminology and basic enrollment management concepts.