Edward Mills

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

Ed Mills began in public higher education as a financial aid coordinator over 28 years ago and has since devoted his career to developing and implementing new strategies for enrollment management and student services. He received his bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University, a master’s degree in Education from Pennsylvania State University and his PhD in Higher Education Leadership from Colorado State University.

Serving students is Ed’s passion.  He strives to be as accessible as possible and spends a considerable amount of time each week meeting with individual students. Ed participates in new student orientation meetings with students and their families, and enjoys interacting with students at commencement. He also teaches a freshmen seminar course each fall. 

At Sacramento State, Ed leads the Enrollment Management side of the Division of Planning, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs (PEMSA) including Admissions and Outreach,  Financial Aid, University Registrar's Office, Student Services Center, Veterans Success Center, Global Education, Student-Athlete Resource Center and Enrollment Management Operations. He promotes the effective use of project and process management, integrated administrative software and data systems, and web based student services to help students stay in class versus stand in line.