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Instructor Help

The Instructor Help Blackboard site provides step by step information on how to use features and tools in our campus' SacCT system (Blackboard).

Getting Started

SacCT Quick Start Demo
Watch this demonstration to learn about basic tools and features in SacCT 9.1 to help you setup your course.

eLearning @ Sac State Video Tutorials

Adaptive Release

  • Using Adaptive Release for Creating Multiple Rules - video [Blackboard]
    Users must satisfy ALL criteria in a rule. For example, if you add multiple groups to a single criteria then no user can see the item unless he/she is a member of all groups added. To allow multiple groups to have access to an item, each group must be in a separate rule. Please read the help text at the top of the Adaptive Release Advanced page.

eLearning @ Sac State Video Tutorial

Announcements and Scheduling

Blackboard Video Tutorials

eLearning @ Sac State Video Tutorials

Course Content

Blackboard Documents & Video Tutorials

eLearning @ Sac State Video Tutorials

Tests, Surveys and Pools

Blackboard Documents & Video Tutorials

eLearning @ Sac State Documents & Video Tutorials

  • SacCT - Test Availability Exceptions
  • Respondus: Creating Tests for SacCT (SacCT 9.1) - Use Respondus to convert a single quiz or exam from WebCT to Blackboard, and then upload that new test to SacCT 9.1.
  • Using Respondus LockDown Browser - How to set your tests to require Respondus LockDown Browser.
  • Test questions batch file upload guidelines - New test questions can be uploaded via the Upload Questions button from within a specific test, survey or pool. Files can be formatted as .txt or .csv.
  • Using the BYU Test Generator to Format Questions for Test Upload - Learn how to use a free online formatting application to easily format questions for upload to Blackboard's Test, Survey, and Pool manager. While you can build tests directly in Blackboard, this is sometimes time-consuming and tedious. This tool allows you to create questions in Word, paste them into the test generator to create a properly formatted file that is ready to upload directly into Blackboard. The closed-captioned movie tutorial takes you through the steps. Files and links referenced are included below the movie. [Cape Fear Community College]


Last updated: January 22, 2016