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Asian American Studies Minor

Total units required for Minor: 21



Introduction to Ethnic Studies OR



Introduction to Asian American Studies


ETHN 110

The Asian American Experience


ETHN 112

Contemporary Asian American Issues


ETHN 113

Asian American Communities


Select three of the following:


ETHN 111

Southeast Asians in the U.S.


ETHN 114

Asian Americans and Globalization


ETHN 115

Biracial and Multicultural Identity in the U.S.


ETHN 116

Asian American Politics and Public Policy


ETHN 118

Asian American Women


ETHN 119

The Filipino American Experience


ETHN 121

Hmong American Experience

  ETHN 122 Sikh Americans and Globalization


ETHN 167

Asian American Families: Issues and Perspectives


ETHN 194

Research in Ethnic Studies


ETHN 195

Fieldwork in Ethnic Studies




Elective(s) approved by the Director of Asian American Studies