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Student Profiles


The courses in the Asian American
Studies program offer a sense of
understanding of other cultures
and even more so of my own.
Currently as an Equal Employment Opportunity Analyst/Investigator,
my job is to cease discrimination
in the work place and educate
others to be more understanding. 

Christina  Lu
Equal Opportunity
California Department of Motor


The Asian American Studies program
has provided me with a wealth of
information, enhanced my academic
skills, and strengthened my commitment to community research and service.

Yang Lee
Finance Budget Analyst
California Department of Finance


Ethnic Studies and Asian American
Studies have provided me an
enriched educational experience
that sets me apart from my peers.

I am grateful for the network of
professors and professionals who
continue to offer me support and

Tina Chen
Administrative Services Coordinator
Center for Collaborative Policy
California State University, Sacramento


As a Social Science major with minor
in Ethnic Studies, I took a number of courses in Asian American Studies. I am now fully prepared to enter a Teacher Credential Program and eventually reach my goal of being a high school principal.

Chao Vang
Teacher Credential Candidate
California State University,