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Oral History

Definition of oral history, written consent forms, China’s Zhou Dynasty, Ancient Greece, Great Depression, US Army oral history standards: recorded interviews, typed transcripts & consent forms


Early Asian Migration: Manila Galleons
Spice Islands, profits from spices, Luzones Indios in America, Manila Galleon trade (Manila, Acapulco, China), Intramuros, Spanish silver (8 reales), Morro Bay landing 1587, Pedro de Unamuno, Nuestra Senora de Buena Esperanza, Eloisa Gomez-Borah: “ochos Luzones Indios,” 1595 landing of San Augustine in Point Reyes

Asian Migration: China

British East India Company, tea, trade deficit, British & American drug dealers, Opium War, Patna, Ganges River, Lintin Island, Nemisis, financial crisis, Gunboat diplomacy, Gold Rush 1849, Placer mining, railroads, Bonacich’s Split-Labor market, Ethnic antagonism, Leland Stanford, Promontory Point Utah, Charles Savage, 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, Sex workers, cribs


Asian Migration: Japan

Tokugawa Shogun, daimyo, merchants, Emperor, 1868 Meiji Restoration, new system of taxation, farmers, land value, Robert Walker Irwin, Hawaiian Sugar Planters, Irwin Convention 1885, Hawaii becomes US territory, Gentlemen’s Agreement, Tydings-McDuffie Act 1934


Asian Migration: Philippines

George Washington’s “rising empire,” Frederick Jackson Turner, “Frontier,” Admiral Mahan, “sea power,” “naval stations” and “coaling stations,” 1898 Spanish-American War, USS Maine, Commodore George Dewey, USS Olympia & Battle of Manila Bay, Emilio Aquinaldo, California Volunteers, Dean Worcester, Rufina Clemente Jenkins 1902, Perfecto delos Santos, Tydings-McDuffie Act 1934


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