Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) 2014/15 Call for Proposals

The Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) fees are paid by students to provide support for essential educational experiences and activities that aid and supplement the fundamental educational mission of the University.

"Instructionally related activities" are those activities and laboratory experiences which are at least partially sponsored by an academic discipline or department and which are, in the judgment of the President, integrally related to its formal instructional offerings.  Activities which are considered to be essential to a quality educational program and an important instructional experience for any student enrolled in the respective program may be considered instructionally related.  This definition of "instructionally related activities" provides the basic criteria for determining eligibility for instructionally related programs.  See the IRA guidelines and priorities document for complete criteria specific to Sacramento State.

Please pay close attention to the deadline and the IRA Guidelines and Priorities document.

The anticipated timeline for the 2014/15 IRA fee request and allocation process is as follows:

March 3, 2014

Budget call sent out

March 28, 2014

Deadline for budget request submission - 4:30  p.m./No Exceptions

April 11 - May 16, 2014

Committee meets and conducts hearings (presentations and responses to questions are  given in the presence of the committee)

June, 2014

IRA Committee recommendations submitted to the President

The Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) Advisory Committee

The IRA Advisory Committee acts as the advising body to the President for the Instructionally Related Activities student fee allocation.  The IRA Committee is composed of the ASI President or his/her designee; three student representatives; a Vice President for Academic Affairs designee; a Vice President for Administration designee who also acts as committee advisor; and two Faculty Senate designees.  ASI shall recommend student members for appointment to the campus President.  Faculty and administrators shall be appointed by the campus President with recommendations by the Faculty Senate and respective administrative offices.  The President of the Associated Students or designee shall serve as the Chair.

Notification of the annual call for proposals is sent annually to all previous year recipients of IRA funds, as well as all deans, directors, and department heads. Questions regarding the program, process or proposal submission should be directed to Kem Gravenberg, Vice President/CFO Designee, Office of the Vice President for Administration/CFO, ext. 86312.