About Central Receiving

Central Receiving at Sac State is responsible for the following campus services:

  • Accepting and documenting all receipts of merchandise ordered by the University as it is delivered
  • Short-term storage of receipted goods
  • Processing of all claims for freight damages
  • Shipping of goods off campus
  • Assist departments with corrections to short shipments, duplicate shipments and shipment of incorrect items

Central Receiving enters Stock Received Report information into CMS on all orders delivered to campus departments through Receiving. To assist Central Receiving properly account for campus deliveries, departments must submit Stock Received Reports on all orders that bypass Central Receiving (i.e., goods delivered directly to the department, picked-up by the department, delivered by U.S. Postal Services, or on confirming orders.) In these instances, the following procedure should be followed.

Upon receipt of the order (or for items that have already been received), the department should print a copy of the Purchase Order (PO) and email a copy of the stock recieved report form to stockreceived@csus.edu.  The Purchase Order sent to Central Receiving should contain the following.

  1. Which items were received;
  2. Whether the order is partially or completely received;
  3. Signature of person responsible for receipt of the order;
  4. Date the order was received.

Once departments submit this information, Central Receiving can enter the information into the CMS system to record delivery information so that invoices can be paid

Without Stock Received Report information from the Department invoices cannot be paid.

A copy of the order printed from CMS can be used as the Stock Received Report.

Thurman Watson is the supervisor for Central Receiving. The Director of Procurement & Contract Services, David Shannon, is the senior administrator responsible for all Central Receiving.

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