The Receiving Department does not make assessment of damage to received goods.  Any incoming shipment of material or equipment is turned over, immediately after receipt, to the department that initiated the order,. 

The determination of damage, if any, is made by employee(s) within the department.  If damage is found, Procurement Services should be informed immediately so that a formal request can be forwarded to the vendor to make an assessment.

In the event merchandise on a Purchase Order is received damaged, is duplicated, or incorrect, the procedures for returning stock should be followed.

A return stock report must be completed and sent to the buyer listed on the order. Be sure to keep all paperwork that is received with the materials in the package.

Upon notification by the vendor (via a return authorization), Procurement Services will notify Receiving, and Receiving will pick up the merchandise at the department.

Packages are not to be returned to Receiving through the campus mail. Receiving will pick up returned items upon notification by Procurement Services.