Stock Received Reports

Central Receiving is responsible for entering stock received report information into the campus CMS system on all purchase orders delivered through Receiving. 

On orders that bypass the Receiving Department, it is the responsibility of the campus department to submit a stock received report to the Receiving Department. A copy of the PO printed from CMS or a copy of the packing slip may also be used as the stock received report.  These may include orders:

  • Delivered directly to the department by a vendor;
  • picked-up from the vendor by the department;
  • Delivered by U.S. Postal Services, or
  • Confirming orders.

For the above, the following procedures must be followed:

Upon receipt of the order (or for items already received), the department should e-mail a copy of the Stock Received Report Form to or a copy of the PO or packing slip to Central Receiving at 6117 (fax: 278-6319).  The information below should be on the copy that is sent to Central Receiving:

  • Which items were received;
  • Whether the order is partially or completely received;
  • Signature of person responsible for receipt of the order;
  • Date the order was received.

Central Receiving will then enter the information into the system.
Payment to vendor by Accounts Payable

Without Stock Received Report information from the department, invoices cannot be paid.

Stock Received Report Form