Housing Facilities & Grounds

Housing Work Order Requests

Work orders are the primary means by which student residents, Foley Hall and Dining Commons tenants, and summer conference quests can obtain repairs and report maintenance items.  Work orders can be found at the front desk of all residential halls and at the Sierra Hall Main Office.


Disasters such as fire, flood, earthquake, bomb threats, or hazardous materials incidents require actions specific to their nature. CALL 911 and Public Safety at (916) 278-6851 if such a disaster occurs. The booklet students receive titled “Guide to Residential Life” outlines the specific steps to take.

Unusual occurrences such as utility malfunctions or equipment failures that presents an imminent danger to life, limb or property is an emergency and should be reported immediately to your Hall Director, Resident Advisor, or immediate Supervisor.  Examples of emergencies include:

  • Fire, Flood, Earthquake or other disaster
  • Injury accident or life safety
  • Lost Keys or Card Access
  • Elevator problems
  • Electrical or utility problems
  • Building heating or cooling failures
  • Other situations that require immediate response

Completing Work Orders

All non-emergency requests are currently handled through written work orders.  The work order is an informational tool, which aids maintenance personnel in preparing for as well as accomplishing the requested task.   Information provided on the work order helps the Facilities Manager in setting priorities when making work assignments.


Residents must have their work orders reviewed and approved before work can be completed.  Work orders are reviewed by the Resident Advisor, signed, dated, and then submitted Hall Director/Manager for approval.

Foley Hall tenants and Dining Commons employees must have their work orders reviewed and approved by their Supervisor prior to submitting to the Housing Office.

Any work orders that require an immediate or emergency response should be called into your Hall Director or the Housing Office (during normal business hours) immediately.

Priorities and Assignment

Requests are reviewed to determine the category of work, either maintenance or non-maintenance and prioritized as follows. Decisions on work priorities and scheduling are normally determined by facilities management staff workload. In most instances, approved work is processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Work orders are prioritized as follows:

#1   Health and Safety—Locks, Fire Systems, Lighting, etc

#2   System Outages—Electrical, Water, Air Conditioning, etc

#3   Room Work Orders—Closet doors, towel bars, mirrors, etc

#4   Project work and work orders with low impact on student life

Accomplishing the Task

Once the mechanic receives the work order, a plan is established to make the repair.  If materials are not available, they will be ordered and the student/tenant will be notified.  Once the work order has been complete, the Facilities person will leave a Customer Notification Card in the resident’s room.  The card will note the status of the completed work order or an expected date of completion if parts need ordering or work cannot be completed that day.


Work order requests generated for “normal” wear and tear generally do not result in charges to students or tenants.  Requests addressing abuse or modification to the premises will result in charges.  All modifications will need to be approved by Housing and require written acceptance of charges before work can proceed.