OneCard Terms & Conditions

Introduced during the golden anniversary year of California State University, Sacramento, the Sac State OneCard promises to continue the University's golden tradition of service by providing convenient access to a variety of campus services. Listed below are the terms and conditions governing the usage of your new Sac State OneCard:

1. HORNET BUCKS ACCOUNT (Account): This Account is a record of your money deposited with us and available to you for purchasing products and services wherever the OneCard (Card) is accepted. You do not earn interest, you may not use the Card as a credit card, nor to obtain cash, and you may not transfer your Account. We will activate your Account when you deposit one U.S. dollar ($1) or more. You may add additional funds to your Account at any time in the amount of U.S. $1 or more. You may make a check or money order deposit in person at the Sac State OneCard Center, or mail a check or money order to the Sac State OneCard Center using the online Mail-In Deposit Form, or by depositing cash into one of the Value Transfer Stations (VTS). No change is given from a VTS. Check or money order deposits will be credited to your Account by the close of the business day following receipt. Cash deposits at any VTS will be available immediately in your Account.

2. FEES: There are no transaction charges. If you present a check for payment or deposit, and the check is subsequently returned for any reason, your Account will be deactivated and we will charge a $20 returned check fee. The University will use all legal recourse to collect amounts due including, but not limited to, the placement of a hold on student records. Your Account may be reactivated upon restitution; however, you will lose check privileges. We will charge the current fee for replacing lost, stolen or damaged cards (see below).

3. THE CARD: You must present your Card in order to purchase products or services. The Card is the property of California State University, Sacramento, and is non-transferable. The Card may be deactivated and/or retained when presented by any Cardholder making inappropriate or illegal use of it.

4. LOST, STOLEN OR DAMAGED CARDS: You agree to immediately report a lost or stolen Card in person at the Sac State OneCard Center, or by telephoning (916) 278-7878. After business hours, leave a phone message with your name and Sac State ID number along with a brief description of the circumstances. Your message will be automatically logged with the date and time. You may be responsible for all usage of your Card prior to reporting its loss or theft to the Sac State OneCard Center. We will not reactivate a Card reported lost or stolen if it is recovered. You must come to the Center during business hours to obtain a replacement card. We will charge the current fee for replacing lost, stolen or damaged cards.

5. REFUNDS AND RETURNS: Merchants may accept purchases for return in accordance with the refund policy in effect at the place of purchase of the products or services. All credits will be returned to your Account; no cash refunds will be given.

6. ACCOUNT CLOSURE: Your Account will be closed when you cease to be a student or employee of Sac State. Retired employees may apply for an Emeritus OneCard. Students and employees may close their Accounts whey they graduate or leave the university by completing the required form at the Sac State OneCard Center. Any refund will be paid by check through normal University procedures. The Sac State OneCard Center reserves the right to close any Account that is inactive for more than twelve (12) months.

7. RECEIPTS AND STATEMENTS: Most point-of-sale terminals are equipped to provide a receipt for each transaction. It is your responsibility to ensure that the receipt is correct. An Account statement listing recent transactions will be generated upon your personal request at the Sac State OneCard Center or you can find it on MySacState.

8. ERROR RESOLUTION: If you suspect an error on a receipt or Account statement, or if you would like more information about a specific transaction, you may contact the OneCard Center by telephone at (916) 278-7878 or by mail at 6000 J Street, Sacramento CA 95819-6127. You must contact us within sixty (60) days of the transaction(s) in question. If you call us, we may require that you submit written notification within the next ten (10) business days. Failure to request error resolution in a timely manner could result in the inability to resolve an alleged error. When making a request for an adjustment to your Account, you must furnish the following information: (1) your name and Sac State ID; (2) a description of the transaction in question and an explanation of why you believe there is an error; and (3) a copy of any transaction receipt. The Center will complete its investigation of your claim within ten (10) business days. If an error is found, we will make the necessary adjustments to your Account, and our liability is limited to the amount of the error. If no error is found, we will provide you with a written explanation within three (3) business days of the conclusion of our investigation. You may request copies of documents used to support our decision.

9. DISCLOSURE: We will disclose information about your Account to third parties for only the following reasons: (1) in order to complete a transaction requested by you; (2) in order to comply with a court order; (3) to fulfill a lawful University department or program request; (4) in conjunction with all other cardholder accounts in the aggregate but not specific in regard to your account; or (5) with your written permission.

10. CHANGES IN TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The terms and conditions of this Agreement are effective and remain binding until the Cardholder is otherwise notified. If any changes are made to the terms and conditions, the Center will provide the Cardholder with notice of change(s) at least twenty-one (21) days in advance of the effective date by publishing the changes in the State Hornet, the Sac State Bulletin, and/or through other campus distribution. Prior notice need not be given where immediate change in terms and conditions is necessary to maintain or restore the security of the Account.

11. GOVERNING LAW: This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California.

For more information regarding California State University, Sacramento's OneCard policies, please visit the University Policy Manual and/or contact the OneCard Center at 278-7878.