Welcome to Risk Management

Risk Management supports the entire campus and all organizations and programs associated with it.  Our principal focus is to mitigate liability and prevent incidents and accidents that could negatively affect individuals and the institution, its finances and its standing in the community.  The following is a brief outline of what we do.  We:

  • Review contracts and other legal documents for indemnification and insurance provisions,
  • Evaluate and approve insurance for campus vendors and contractors,
  • Arrange for Foreign Travel Insurance for international travelers,
  • Counsel with academic and other departments regarding potential risk exposures in their programs and activities,
  • Arrange for and oversee the efforts to mitigate the damage that occurs when buildings burn or flood, or otherwise damaged,
  • Evaluate and approve third party events on campus,
  • Evaluate and approve student club and Residential Life activities when risk or safety issues are a factor,
  • Identify trip hazards, tree hazards, roadway and personal safety hazards on campus, and
  • Implement and advance pedestrian safety on campus and safe driving everywhere.


Because we cannot be everywhere, we train University and auxiliary personnel to identify, assess and mitigate risk exposures of all kinds that threaten their programs and the University.