research workshop Instructional PC Labs are specifically designated for faculty scheduling of full-term classes and classes with lab sections. These labs (ARC 1016, FLS 1029, FLS 1033, FLS 1048, MND 2003, and MND 2007) may also be scheduled during the semester for occasional class use or testing on a space-available basis. Labs shall be scheduled only when student-use of computers is required for all class sessions and when applicable department/college lab space is not available. Students may also use Instructional Labs for open use when no class sessions are scheduled. They are not typically scheduled for non-academic or non-campus groups.

To reserve one of these labs for a full-semester course, faculty shall contact their department support staff during the class scheduling time period prior to each semester. The department scheduler will make arrangements directly with Space Management to schedule a lab.

To reserve one of these labs for short-term use, users shall contact their department support staff, who will submit the standard space request form to Space Management. Note: Two week's advance notice is requested to reserve Instructional PC Labs.

Instructional PC Lab Access
For access to ARC 1016 at all times or for access to Instructional PC labs MND 2003, MND 2007, FLS 1029, FLS 1033 and FLS 1048 on weekends, customers shall submit a key issue form to Facilities Management prior to the event to obtain fob key entrance. Departments must complete a key issue form for staff or faculty to submit to Facilities Management.  

Classroom Services
For technical or operational questions about Instructional PC labs, please contact IRT Classroom Services at (916) 278-7737, option 1.

Lab Services
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