Installment Payment Plan (IPP)

  • Your first payment will be due on your original due date. This payment includes all of the miscellaneous registration fees and a $33 non-refundable service charge.
  • The balance of your registration fees (the State University Fee portion) will then be split into three monthly payments with due dates from September-November in the Fall semester, and February-April in the Spring.
  • You may not use the IPP if you have a fee waiver or financial sponsor.
  • If you have registered late, you may owe as much as the first two payments to avoid enrollment cancellation.
  • Late installment payments will incur a fee of $15 each time you are late.
  • Missed payments (or rejected checks) may result in inability to use the Installment Payment Plans for all subsequent semesters, enrollment cancellation and forfeiture of fees already paid, and a hold on your record.  If you lose your classes, you may not be able to get them back due to wait lists.
  • If you re-enroll in the same term you may be charged a $100 re-enrollment fee and could be charged a late registration fee.
  • Failure to pay may result in additional collection costs, including those associated with referral to a third-party collection agency
  • For detailed information about this semester's IPP fees and due dates, please visit the Student Registration & Advising Guide.

To enroll for the IPP (view the step-by-step tutorial):

  1. Log on to the Student Center through your MySacState at
  2. Scroll down to the Finances Section and click on the drop down menu arrow.
  3. Select the Payment Plan option.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to be put on the plan.