Nathan Rice
Administration & Business Affairs counts close to 60 Sacramento State graduates working in the division, or almost 20 percent of its workforce. The numbers increase every year, as more and more staff professionals earn degrees.

This year, ABA adds four more Sac State grads to its employee ranks. ABA is proud of the educational accomplishments of its staff. 

Congratulations to ABA’s 2011/12 graduates:

Facilities Services

Stephanie Hunn

Joey Martinez, BA, English – May 2012

Rakesh Ravi, MS, Computer Engineering – December 2011

Financial Services

Stephanie Hunn, BS, Business Administration (Accountancy) – May 2012

Public Safety

Nathan Rice, BS, Criminal Justice – December 2011


For a list of other Sac State graduates working in ABA, visit our Sac State Alums page.