Sac State Contributes to Local Food Bank

Ronald and Valentino with Food Drive Contributions
Sacramento State's participation in the 2012 California State Employees Food Drive yielded close to 6000 pounds of food for the local food bank in December.

The campus has supported the program for 38 years, collecting donations from across the campus that go to support children and families in the local community during the winter holidays.

Administered and coordinated by University Transportation & Parking Services (UTAPS), the program featured a "turkey drop" from which a total of 75 pounds was collected. Cash donations amounting to $1,685 were made by campus community members, making it possible to purchase bulk staples throughout the year.

Every dollar contributed purchases an average two and a half pounds of food. In addition, for the second year in a row, the campus participated in a "turkey drop," collecting a total of 75 pounds.  In 2011, the campus donated 7,775 pounds of food. The program is unique in that no administrative fees are deducted - all money raised is used to buy food for those in need.