A Team Effort - ABA Supports the UFL Mountain Lions

Quick Facts About the Sacramento Mountain Lions

  • Previously known as the California Redwoods.
  • Announced Sacramento State and Hornet Stadium would be their new home on March 3, 2010.
  • Record from the 2011 season: 2-3.

For more information about the team, as well as ticket sales, visit their official website here.

In October 2011, the Sacramento Mountain Lions held their 2011 season opener at the Sac State Alex G. Spanos Sports and Recreation Complex. Being the home game season opener following a successful 2010 season, ABA and others supporting the event were prepared to provide a seamless experience for the team and fans.

Being the only California United Football League team, expectations were high. Just about all of ABA's departments are involved in event preparation, working with other campus entities to ensure success. Planning begins well in advance, with ABA units and departments - Facilities Services, Procurement, Public Safety, Risk Management, Space Management, the Ticket Office and UTAPS - working with partners from the Alumni Center, Athletics, IRT, The WELL, and UEI, to discuss strategies for success.

On game day, UTAPS and Public Safety ramp up to provide attending fans a good experience, providing traffic direction, parking and safety services. According to UTAPS Senior Director Nancy Fox, "We are doing the best job we can for the campus and the Mountain Lions. Parking and traffic went very smoothly last year and again this year."

A smooth flow of traffic with minimal congestion is always a goal for UTAPS. To help accomplish this, UTAPS works with a third party parking service and Public Safety, who coordinate with the City of Sacramento's police agencies to manage nearby off-campus intersections.

UTAPS establishes detailed event plans every season and approximately 25 highly trained staff and student assistants support each game, working cooperatively with campus Police.

Planning efforts allow preparation for the swell of visitors to the campus. Nancy Fox added that she is proud of UTAPS staff, as they are responsible for assisting thousands of vehicles off campus within 25 to 30 minutes. "We are proud of our ability to work closely in a strong team manner with all others involved in hosting the Mountain Lions games on campus."

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