Classrooms Get a Facelift

classroom improvementsClean, functional and well-lit facilities are fundamental to a successful teaching and learning environment. With this philosophy in mind, Facilities Services zone managers set out in the spring to assess the condition of campus buildings.

Based on a standard set of criteria, some 175 classrooms were slated for upgrades beginning in May. The revitalization, to be completed by mid-August, will be a welcoming greeting for new and returning students.

Each classroom was evaluated using the assessment instrument. Estimators use the data to define the extent of work needed in each room and communicate scope and timeframe to the trade shops that perform the work. And, thanks to support from Space Management, facilities are made available as needed to dovetail with project timetables.

classroom improvementsDepending upon conditions, improvements might include repair or upgrade of flooring, ceilings, lighting, chalkboards/whiteboards, cove base, blinds and doors, painting and repair of walls, and replacement of bulletin boards.

A project like this calls for strong collaboration among the skilled trades, which may include multi-craft, paint, lock and electric shops, and others as needed. Information Resources & Technology (IRT) is working alongside Facilities Services in select classrooms, where technology upgrades are needed.

The revitalization project is a high priority for Facilities Services. According to Daryn Ockey, director of Facility Operations, the project was initiated as a result of reports by the newly appointed campus zone managers, who identified the large-scale need for improvements. “Our hope in improving these spaces is that this will increase pride, professionalism, and dedication, raising the quality of the educational experience for our students,” said Ockey.