Reprographics Launches Campaign - View their Services!

Reprographics Product

Reprographics recently launched a campaign to publicize their services across the campus. With a new website and product gallery, they aim to reach out to the University community. As Sacramento State’s official on-campus print shop, here are:

Ten things Reprographics Services wants you to know.

Reprographics Services:

1) Is a full-service print shop, offering a wide range of high-quality professional services you would find at any local printer;

2) Boasts the latest state-of-the-art equipment;

3) Serves the business printing needs of University departments, and auxiliary and student organizations, including faculty and student projects;

4) Can handle any job from start to finish, with services for printing, sorting, labeling, addressing, list certification, personalization, binding, mailing, laminating, mounting, etc.;

5) Can help you make your electronic documents “print-ready;”

6) Is the campus source for office printer/copier paper (formerly available from Photocopy Services);

7) Is cost competitive and will price-match any job;

8) Partners with many local printers to provide those services not available on campus at competitive prices;

9) Is conveniently located on campus with short-term parking for visitors;

10) Provides delivery services to your office every day.

Check out the Reprographics website to see the gallery of service and products they have produced for campus customers and hear the rave reviews they have received from customers!